Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mind-boggling Video Of Tim Kaine Speaking About Trump At Pennsylvania Rally Yesterday!

In the definition of the best defense is a good offense, Hillary Clinton's running-mate Tim Kaine could have been speaking about his boss with his allegations against Trump yesterday!

He speaks of trust, full disclosure and every other sin and 'crime' that Hillary Clinton is actually guilty of.

When will the American people sit-up and take notice that the Democrat Party candidate for the highest position in the land is really little more than a flim-flam artist?

Start watching at 13:50 pf the video...

Tim Kaine at Pennsylvania Rally on August 30th: Don't Get Tricked By Trump


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Friday, August 26, 2016

Video: BleachBit Brags It 'Stifled' The Hillary Email Investigation

With her server scrubbed, nobody need opine on what sounds very much like obstruction of justice in the Hillary email scandal when the server 'cleaning' website BleachBit does it for us!

BleachBit "stifles investigation" of Hillary Clinton

The IT team for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used the open source cleaning software BleachBit to wipe systems "so even God couldn’t read them," according to South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy on Fox News. His comments on the "drastic cyber-measure" were in response to the question of whether her emails were simply about "yoga and wedding plans."

BleachBit is mentioned at about three minutes into this video that aired live on the Fox News television station.

Rep. Gowdy told Fox News:

She and her lawyers had those emails deleted. And they didn’t just push the delete button; they had them deleted where even God can’t read them. They were using something called BleachBit. You don’t use BleachBit for yoga emails or bridemaids emails. When you’re using BleachBit, it is something you really do not want the world to see.

Palancar concluded, "Bleachbit stifles investigation" of Hilary Clinton.

Perhaps Clinton's team used an open source application because, unlike proprietary applications, it can be audited, like for backdoors. In response to the Edward Snowden leaks in 2013, privacy expert Bruce Schneier advised, "Closed-source software is easier for the NSA to backdoor than open-source software," in an article in which he stated he also uses BleachBit. Ironically, Schneier was writing to a non-governmental audience.

Last year when Clinton was asked about wiping her email server, she joked, "Like with a cloth or something?" It turns out now that BleachBit was that cloth, according to remarks by Sen. Gowdy.

@ThreatcoreNews compared the situation to the 18 minutes of audio erased from tapes from President Richard Nixon's Oval Office.

As of the time of writing BleachBit has not been served a warrant or subpoena in relation to the investigation. BleachBit is free of charge to use in any environment whether it is personal, commercial, educational, governmental, Republican, or Democrat. The cleaning process is not reversible.

Immediately when the story broke the morning of August 25, traffic to the BleachBit web site and download servers spiked. As the story went viral on Twitter, a second, larger wave of traffic came to the site. The new servers are fully handling the loads. (Source)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Video: Hillary With Jimmy Kimmel Laughing At, Not With, The American People!

Hillary Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night cackling away and seeming not to have a care in the world despite all of her controversies!

Is that because she knows that the voters who will vote for her no matter what, along with many of those who have yet to make a decision, are mere lemmings and sheeple who will believe whatever they are told to believe?

Is it because she knows she has the FBI and DOJ in her pocket and will basically get away with all of her 'indiscretions' or they will not be pursued until after the election when it is already too late?

Is it because any or all of her suspected health issues will be swept under the rug?

Is it because there is a Clinton dossier about so many in government, media, business etc. who know that keeping quiet is in their best interests. An example of this might be the power players Bill Clinton could have spent time with during his trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express”.

Or is it that America is in decline and is willing to accept as president a woman who likely exposed national security secrets through an email server scheme that was probably set-up in the 1st place to keep hidden the pay-for-play that to anyone with eyes appears to have been funneled through the Clinton Foundation?

Any Way You Slice It Hillary Clinton Is Not Laughing With You, She Is Most Definitely Laughing At You!

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Hillary 2016 preview and the fate that has befallen so many Clinton associates!


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aleppo vs Baton Rouge vs Martha's Vineyard

A Tale Of Three Cities!

Aleppo, Syria,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
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Politicians And Empty Promises!

Commentary: Politicians And Their Promises That Can't Ever Actually Be Kept!

Ronald Reagan: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'

Conclusion First: I offer the conclusion first because if for some reason you stop reading here, it is an important lesson to understand! So here it is:

Regardless of political party affiliation listen less to what the politicians running for office is promising, and more to whether what they promise is actually viable or economically feasible!

Back to the premise of this article as most likely know the phrase above were Reagan's nine most terrifying words in the English language.

Read the rest of the article at LinkedIn here.

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Hillary, Catheters, Cover-ups, Nuclear Codes And More! (Twitter)

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Hillary's Health Issues, Part 2

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Obamacare Is Out Of Business! (Video)

Well maybe not just yet but, with insurers like Aetna dropping out due to massive losses, it's only a matter of time as Obamacare was nothing but a kitchen table science experiment that all but the liberal ideologues knew was doomed to fail!

But they also knew that the American people, with the help of the mainstream media, would buy the crap that Obama and his minions were peddling hook, line and sinker...

Nancy Pelosi: Affordable, Affordable, Affordable

Barack Obama: If You Like Your Plan Montage

Or maybe, just maybe, the Democrat politicians actually knew all along that Obamacare was going to fail but needed a stepping stone in the middle in order to reach their socialists Holy Grail, a government-run healthcare system!

And while I am neither politician, bean counter or healthcare aficionado, I can read between the lines and knew from the start that what Barack Obama promised was too good to be true. And that expecting the federal government to run anything well is by definition insanity!

Back in October 2013 I wrote an article titled...

'Don't be fooled! The Obamacare master plan was failure all along!'

In this article about Obamacare and the implementation issues it experienced I opined then in much the same way that I do now.

Obama is a failed President but one who will follow his ideological leanings regardless of the impact it will have on the American people!

' the time this website is fixed (if it ever is) and all of the glitches are ironed out we will be many many months down the road and by then it may unfortunately be too late to do anything about repealing Obamacare.

Then, when it all fails, it will only be time before we are living under a single-payer system, joining our friends across the pond and to our north and doing our best UK/Canada socialized medicine dance.

Bottom line?

Don't sell Barack Obama short!

He may be an incredibly bad President but he is nothing if not a Chicago community organizer who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it.'


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Video: Hillary's Health: The Cover-Up

Given what appears to be Hillary's health issues coupled with the never-ending controversy over the Clinton Foundation and email scandal, could the conspiracy theory below come true?

Watch the video of the 'Hillary Health Cover-up' and then the article about the way in which an Obama 3rd-term could come about!

Read: Obama's 3rd-Term - A Fantastic* Conspiracy Theory!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Video: Reporting In Milwaukee, CNN Spins 'Burn Down The Suburbs' Into A 'Call For Peace'!

Media bias can take many forms and, in the case of Sylville Smiths' sister, it was through CNN reporting ONLY that the sister of the Milwaukee shooting victim was 'calling for peace'!

This was accomplished by editing the tape so that the end of her statement where she was also calling for violence was left on the cutting room floor.

Just another example of the mainstream media altering the truth so that a story will fit the narrative of their liberal elite puppet masters!

The American People, Unless They Actually Look For The Truth, Can Be Told And Will Believe Any Version Of Any Story In What Now Passes For News Reporting!

What CNN reported (courtesy of Newsbusters): 'Both on their website and televised on CNN Newsroom Monday, CNN described Sherelle Smith as “calling for peace.” They conveniently left out the rest of her message, calling for protesters to burn down the suburbs.

On, under the subhead, “Residents try to heal,” the article read:

Smith's sister Sherelle Smith condemned the violence, saying the community needs the businesses affected. "Don't bring that violence here," Neal, his other sister, said while sobbing.

That was all CNN reported. Again on CNN Newsroom this morning, correspondent Ana Cabrera reported that Sherelle Smith* was “calling for peace,” before playing just a few seconds of Smith’s words that left out the most damning part.'

Video Of What Sylville Smiths' sister actually said:
Poster: Twitter

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Monday, August 15, 2016


Who am I to tell a presidential candidate for one of the two major political parties in the U.S. he should cut the crap, stop whining and try to reclaim what his many missteps have lost?

Basically I am an American, patriot, husband, father, small business owner, concerned citizen over national security issues, ditto over ISIS and terrorism, worried about our economic future along with so many other things!

Things that concern Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and everyone else who loves the country and can't stand to have been witness to what has occurred under Barack Obama and will continue to occur under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

To Donald Trump

You, Donald J. Trump were given the opportunity, yes on a silver platter, to run against one of the weakest and most flawed candidates the Democrats could have put up.

And to date, you have not only squandered the opportunity but have run a campaign that to someone with a conspiracy mentality, almost seems as if you are actually trying to lose.

Taking that off of the table, I have stated before that your Trump Train passengers will vote for you regardless of anything that you do or say. As a matter of fact the more outrageous the more they seem to love it.

But the GOP voter such as myself along with gettable Independents and disgruntled Democrats is where you really need to focus your attention and quickly!

Do you remember this from an article about a week ago here (Note To Donald Trump: Reel Me In, I'm Slipping Off Of The Hook!)? And if not, perhaps you should subscribe so as not to miss anything.

'Finally, I suppose that just leaves me and my brethren, the on-the-fence conservatives and Republicans along with Independents who want more than anything to jump onto the Trump-train but are constantly and rudely reminded by the candidate that he is a loose cannon and potentially not at all ready for prime time.'

Going back to the title of this article, let's think about who it is that whines?

  1. Of course children whine,
  2. Disgruntled employees whine,
  3. Job candidates who don't get the job whine,
  4. Players on losing teams whine,
  5. Athletes and musicians in judged competitions whine,
  6. College-aged students complaining about the amount of work it is to apply to schools and to study for the standardized admission tests whine,
  7. Many of these same college-age students refused admission at the school of their choice will whine
  8. And I could go on!
So what is the constant here? People who have either lost something or who are about to lose something and are laying out the groundwork for that result if and when it occurs.

And really, nobody likes a whiner particularly in someone we are relying on to lead.

Whining: 'We (mistakenly) believe that if others truly understood how tough we have it, they would respect and admire us. Sadly, it doesn’t work this way. Telling people how hard things are evokes pity and sympathy at best, and boredom and disdain at worst.' (Source)

Mathematically speaking,

Whining = Losing Mentality + Laying The Groundwork For A Losers Excuses!

So long story short here is my advice to Donald Trump if anyone reading this would like to pass it along...

  1. Nobody wants to hear about how the election process is rigged! We are aware of the many shortcomings but then so were you. Put on your big boy pants and get going to work within the system as it exists in the same way everyone in the business world must do!
  2. Nobody wants to hear about the dishonest media. We all KNOW about the mainstream media bias but it is what it is and will not change if and until they start doing their real job rather that acting as non-payed non-employees of the DNC! Deal with it like a major party candidate for the highest position in our nation.
  3. We know in advance that it is likely that the debate moderators will be skewed towards Hillary. Instead of using words like dishonest and rigged system to describe them, study and work that much harder so that no matter what they ask or how they act you will shine none-the-less.
Do these things and there may still be a shot to win. Stay on the track you're currently on and the country is likely doomed to say Mrs. President for 4-8 years.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Funnies: The Rock Serenades Hillary From The Ring! (Video)

In a performance from the wrestling ring, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson serenades Hillary Clinton to the tune of Eric Clapton's 'You Look Wonderful Tonight'!

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

If Trump Loses In November, Who Or What Is To Blame? (List Of 8)

With a presidential election disaster looming on the horizon for the GOP, one that would put the future of America in jeopardy, who or what will ultimately be chosen as the 'fall guy'?

Let's think of some potential sources that will be scapegoated, or at which the proverbial 'fickle finger of fate' will be pointed, if in fact Donald Trump loses in November...
  1. The election process that Donald Trump ad nauseam claims is rigged as he attempts to lay the groundwork for the reason he may lose,
  2. Card-carrying members of the Republican Party who were never onboard the Trump Train and who have utilized every opportunity to try and sabotage him, 
  3. Republican Party elites and elder statesmen who may not have actively badmouthed The Donald but, by their silence or absence at key events, have made their position crystal clear,
  4. The mainstream media that has never been more biased in its reporting, zeroing in on every Trump gaffe or misstatement while wholly ignoring the enormous ethical and legal storm clouds that Hillary Clinton exists under,
  5. The Obama administration James Comey-led FBI and Loretta Lynch-led DOJ that both seem to be less concerned about doing the job they were sworn to do and more concerned with following the directives that undoubtedly come down from the White House,
  6. Sycophantic Trump campaign handlers and promoters in the media who were either unable or unwilling to put their candidate on a permanent right track from the start,
  7. Barack Obama, one of the most divisive and polarizing Presidents the nation has ever seen, further disgracing the office by jumping feet first into the political process whether here at home or when representing the nation abroad,
  8. Last but not least (for now that is) the candidate, Donald Trump himself! For whatever reason the proverbial 'mouth that roared' has seemed determined from the start to torpedo his own candidacy. Maybe he was hypnotized by the press clippings and adulation of his fans who turnout at his rally's. Maybe he was suckered by a media that desperately wanted him to win the Republican nomination and who were ready to pounce to try and destroy him once the general election campaign began. But what the candidate has yet to realize and it may already be too late to do so, is that the adoring fans are no longer his target market. People like me are! (Read: Note To Donald Trump: Reel Me In, I'm Slipping Off Of The Hook!)

Ultimately, as with everything in life, the blame for a loss in November of course will lie with the one who maintains the control to actually effect change in the results! 

In this case, while some of the other points above may be valid, #8 is either going to remain the problem or become the solution!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Real Estate, Government Edicts And Unintended Consequences!

The Treasury Department (FinCEN) cash buyer/money laundering initiative is now 8-months old...

Have there been any unintended consequences?

The evidence appears to indicate that there are!

Read the article at LinkedIn here.


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Election 2016: America Is Effectively F***ed!

Hillary Clinton, unless and until Donald Trump learns how to keep his mouth shut and focus on the issues*, will win the White House...

In actuality, however, given what the public has already heard about Hillary and the plethora of issues that continue to be exposed, all while the American sheeple and lemmings on the Left could seem to care less, leads me to my conclusion that 'America Is Effectively F***ed!'

In other words has our society declined to such a degree that Americans either do not pay attention or, even worse, do not care about the moral fabric and potential criminal behavior of a potential POTUS?

That the only things that can generate interest and anger from among the masses are issues like unisex bathrooms?

And given the FBI has recommended the DOJ look into the Clinton Foundation pay to play scheme and the Obama DOJ has declined, has our government turned into nothing more than a criminal enterprise there to promote the ideological whims and desires of Barack Obama?

It's sad and frightening all at the same time.

Consider this partial Clinton list and then tell me if my premise concerning the election and our society is somehow misplaced...

24 Examples of Hillary and Bill's Indiscretions/Baggage/Scandals and the Moral Fiber of a Potential President!

Review and pass this along to those liberal lemmings and sheeple who either don't care or who have no idea about history or current events.

Sadly if you do pass it along it will no doubt simply be considered part of some Hillary witch hunt or a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Why? Because the mainstream media from which these idiots get their 'news' will tell them that it's so:

American shheple and lemmings
The 24 Examples Of Clinton Family Issues!

0. Clinton Foundation and what looks to this outsider as nothing more than a pay to play conduit created to enrich the Clinton's at the expense of our national security.
0a. FBI and DOJ: The fact that the heads of these two supposedly 'independent' watchdogs, for reasons one can only speculate about, are apparently in the pocket of the Clinton's and the Democrats (See James Comey and failure to recommend indictment to the DOJ over the email scandal and the Loretta Lynch-led DOJ ignoring the FBI recommendation vis a vis the Clinton Foundation). 
0b. Since June 22, 2016 four mysterious deaths of DNC-related individuals. Suspicious yes, but no evidence has linked these murders to anything more than an interesting coincidence.

1. Monica Lewinsky: Led to only the second president in American history to be impeached.
2. Benghazi: Four Americans killed, an entire system of weak diplomatic security uncloaked, and the credibility of a president and his secretary of state damaged.
3. Asia fundraising scandal: More than four dozen convicted in a scandal that made the Lincoln bedroom, White House donor coffees and Buddhist monks infamous.
4. Hillary’s private emails: Hundreds of national secrets already leaked through private email and the specter of a criminal probe looming large.
4. Hillary’s private emails: Hundreds of national secrets already leaked through private email and the specter of a criminal probe looming large.
5. Whitewater: A large S&L failed and several people went to prison.
6. Travelgate: The firing of the career travel office was the very first crony capitalism scandal of the Clinton era.
7. Humagate: An aide’s sweetheart job arrangement.
8. Pardongate: The first time donations were ever connected as possible motives for presidential pardons.
9. Foundation favors: Revealing evidence that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play back door to the State Department, and an open checkbook for foreigners to curry favor.
10. Mysterious files: The disappearance and re-discovery of Hillary’s Rose Law Firm records.
11. Filegate: The Clinton use of FBI files to dig for dirt on their enemies.
12. Hubble trouble: The resignation and imprisonment of Hillary law partner Web Hubbell.
13. The Waco tragedy: One of the most lethal exercises of police power in American history.
14. The Clinton’s Swedish slush fund: $26 million collected overseas with little accountability and lots of questions about whether contributors got a pass on Iran sanctions.
15. Troopergate: From the good old days, did Arkansas state troopers facilitate Bill Clinton’s philandering?
16. Gennifer Flowers: The tale that catapulted a supermarket tabloid into the big time.
17. Bill’s Golden Tongue: His and her speech fees shocked the American public.
18. Boeing Bucks: Boeing contributed big-time to Bill; Hillary helped the company obtain a profitable Russian contract.
19. Larry Lawrence: How did a fat cat donor get buried in Arlington National Cemetery without war experience?
20. The cattle futures: Hillary as commodity trader extraordinaire.
21. Chinagate: Nuclear secrets go to China on her husband’s watch.

*Although given what he has said, what he continues to say and the fact that the mainstream media only focuses on those things, the time to turn American hearts and minds Donald Trump's way may have already long passed.


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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Did Trump Say That '2nd Amendment People' Should Shoot Hillary? (30- Second Video)

After watching the 30-second video below, tell me whether Donald Trump was actually suggesting that Hillary Clinton be shot by gun enthusiasts who believe in the U.S. Constitution!

If you watch the news or read a newspaper this morning, however, that is the basic premise that the media is pushing out!

That Donald Trump warned were Hillary to be elected POTUS, believers in the 2nd Amendment might take matters into their own hands if and when a Hillary Clinton-stacked Supreme Court tried to alter the right of Americans to bear arms!

Of course in actuality the only thing Donald Trump is guilty of in the clip below is his ongoing refusal to deal with the serious medical issue plaguing his run for the White House, chronic diarrhea of the mouth!

As we well know the mainstream media, as clearly indicated by the front page of the New York Daily News, is more than happy to run with any ball Trump hands to them.

This while essentially ignoring any of the many issues surrounding Hillary Clinton, the DNC , Clinton Foundation, pay-to-play et. al., up to and including the suspicious and untimely deaths (unless you're a Democrat) of John Ashe, Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich.

Know it, understand it and then deal with it!

The moral of the story? If Trump wants to actually win he needs to shut the hell-up and stay on message because there is NOTHING that he can say or do otherwise that won't be misconstrued and twisted by the media for the purpose of smearing both him and his campaign.

In other words whatever medicine or intervention is required to cure the aforementioned malady of diarrhea of the mouth, take it or do it before it is too late. Or is it already?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Obama's 3rd-Term - A Fantastic* Conspiracy Theory!

Knowing what we know that's likely 1% of what Obama knows about what Hillary has done and how seemingly indictable she is, this conspiracy theory makes a certain amount of sense!

I had asked a question back in 2015 about whether an Obama 3rd-term might be in the cards, but my theory then was that he would have fomented civil unrest on such a large scale that martial law would be invoked and he would remain in power.

'I am an American who is extremely concerned about the benign neglect or worse (See Iran negotiations) when it comes to national security and this White House!

Given that fact along with this President's proclivity for using his pen to get what he wants while ignoring the constitutional process, my question is a simple one...

Is there any way for Barack Obama to LAWFULLY hold the White House for a 3rd-term?' (Source)

Hillary, The Election and Indictment!

If you watched James Comey speak prior to letting Hillary off of the hook and unindicted over the email and server escapade, you were likely as amazed as most everyone else given the litany of her transgressions that she got off scot-free!

But what if that move by Comey was merely the appetizer prior to a main course that will consist of an indictment over the pay-to-play scheme that is the Clinton Foundation?

An interesting (conspiracy) theory no doubt! And here it is in more detail in the form of a story...

I had to take my vehicle to the mechanic the other day for service. The Service Manager, Pete, gave me a ride home and on the way he told me his theory about the upcoming election and the next four years of U.S. government.

At first I thought it a bit far fetched. But as I listened to him it began to make sense, scary sense...

“I believe that Hillary Clinton will win the election in November,” Pete began. “Then, sometime between November and January, Hillary will be indicted. The IRS is now investigating the Clinton Foundation and the whole e-mail thing isn’t over yet.”

“Once under indictment she won’t be able to assume the Office of the President in January. Tim Kaine, who will not actually be the Vice President because neither he nor Hillary have been inaugurated, cannot assume the Presidency.”

“The Speaker of the House can’t move up to it because there is already a sitting President and Vice President. So President Obama, in an Executive Order citing “emergency situation,” gives himself another four years in office which is the only 'apparent solution.”

Pete believes Obama has been planning this for a while now, knowing he has enough on Hillary to indict her. Had the Attorney General indicted her based on evidence from the FBI this plan wouldn’t have worked because the DNC would have quickly come up with another candidate

If you think about it, it’s not that outrageous. Many people on the left, including the President, want Obama to stay another four years. The law prohibits him from being re-elected so the only ways he can do it is by declaring martial law and suspending the election (which would be a very negative thing for the country) or to declare himself still President because the elected candidate cannot assume her duties.

The latter makes more sense and is actually more feasible. And since it’s never been done before, it would set a precedent that would be difficult to challenge.

Of course, if Trump wins the election none of this is going to happen. But what if Pete is correct? Four more years of Obama and a mostly useless Republican House and Senate would give Obama the time he needs to continue destroying changing the country to fit his stated goals.

I thanked Pete for the ride home – and for messing up my day. Now I’ve got more things to worry about!

* Fantastic only if you are an Obama sycophant and one of those progressive American ideologues who believes that anything goes and is on the table in order to reach your stated endgame. In other words an American who doesn't believe that the United States should have a future!

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H/T Max and Lill


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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hillary's Health Issues, Part 2

A few days ago a video made the rounds describing what could very well be physical and mental issues that are plaguing Hillary Clinton!

Video Explaining Potential Reasons Behind Hillary Clinton's 'Bizarre' Behavior

Now comes additional visual evidence that appears to make the case that Hillary Clinton is so physically unstable that she needs help to simply climb a small set of steps.

Should a woman who is potentially so physically and mentally fragile be running for president? Absolutely not but any questions could be easily answered with a release of Hillary's medical records.

And don't the American people deserve to see those records before being asked to make a choice in November?

This election is not about Hillary Clinton's coronation, an ego that is driving her to run or Barack Obama's need to see her win so that she can finish the job he has started!

This election is about We The People and our need for effective leadership as the world has never been a more dangerous place (thanks in no small part to Hillary Clinton's failures as Secretary of State)!

And while this conjecture over health will be labeled right-wing conspiracy theory by Hillary’s minions that includes the mainstream media, it can all be easily explained away by her campaign with simple full disclosure of her medical history.
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Twitter H/T Newsalert


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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump!

For all the undecided voters out there having trouble getting onboard the Trump Train, myself included, the Top 10 reasons to vote for him in this article make quite a bit of sense!

Much like many other GOP voters, I had hopes that the Trump campaign would inspire me and make casting my vote for The Donald a no-brainer instead of an intense internal debate. But that has certainly not yet come to be.

Of course a vote for Hillary is guaranteed never to happen and I asked Donald following over the past week...

Note To Donald Trump: Reel Me In, I'm Slipping Off Of The Hook!

Donald Trump needs to make a vote for him an affirmative action rather than one of simply holding the nose and jumping into an unknown abyss!

Or, as my father used to say, a vote for Donald Trump needs to become a decision made by commission and not by omission!

Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump
  1. Hillary Clinton is unfit to be POTUS,
  2. Hillary Clinton wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in the ass,
  3. Hillary Clinton's 'accomplishments' as Secretary of State made the world less safe than it's been in a very long time by unleashing ISIS, pressing the reset button with Russia, promoting the failed Arab Spring, Libya in anarchy, Syria the home of terrorists and China taking over the South China Sea, to name just a few,
  4. Hillary, like Bill, plays fast and loose with the law and has perfected the skill of using well crafted wording to try and cover it all up. That in addition to apparently also being a pathological liar and having it all covered-up by the mainstream media that's in the Democrats pocket,
  5. Her physical and mental state have been seriously questioned (Video Here),
  6. The Clinton Foundation is seemingly nothing more than a conduit for a pay-to-play scheme that has negatively impacted our nations security,
  7. Hillary showed her true colors when she put politics over patriotism and basically signed the death warrant for four Americans in Benghazi,
  8. Hillary's decision to maintain a private email server to hide her actions, a server that was undoubtedly hacked by foreign foreign governments and other bad actors, once again shows her priority is for self over her country and its secrets,
  9. The unwavering endorsement given by Barack Obama should be a clear signal to the American people that she will carry-on his failed policies,
  10. If voters want to put America back onto the right track, Trump MAY be our last chance because four more years of Obama may just seal our fate!
My message to Donald Trump is clear:

Become the type of candidate that Independent voters, disenfranchised Democrat voters and concerned GOP voters alike WANT to get behind rather than being nothing but the 'NOT HILLARY' candidate that some of us still hesitate to support.

The ball is squarely in your court!

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Video Explaining Potential Reasons Behind Hillary Clinton's 'Bizarre' Behavior



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Friday, August 5, 2016

Barack Obama: Laces or Loafers? (Cartoons)

The sad reality is that whichever style you choose, for the United States, the result will unfortunately remain the same!

In an incredible twist of fate and bad luck for the United States, Barack Obama has moved Jimmy Carter off of the bottom rung as the worst U.S. president of all time!

Let's not give him a 3rd-term through his surrogate, Hillary Clinton!

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Video Explaining Potential Reasons Behind Hillary Clinton's 'Bizarre' Behavior

If you've ever wondered whether there were any underlying physical or psychological reasons that might explain some of Hillary Clinton's actions and behavior, this video may help!

And, if any of these opinions happen to be correct, they are likely not attributes that anyone would want or should want in the President of the United States!

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Warning To The American People: A Dictatorship Is Coming!

Photo: Twitter


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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Warning To The American People: A Dictatorship Is Coming!

What happens when a nations citizenry is passive, uninformed and uninterested...the government overreaches its authority, misleads and possibly outright lies...and the media is in the governments pocket keeping the majority of the citizenry in the state that they're in?

In the case study above what you have is Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Cuba and every other totalitarian government that enriches its leaders while destroying the common man!

So the question is whether American society is quickly, sadly and decisively under the eight years of an Obama administration sliding down that slippery slope to the point of no return?

Watching the mainstream media speak (not speak) of Obama administration actions, the demagoguery of Obama and his various mouthpieces deflecting, misleading and potentially outright lying about them and then the total disinterest of the American people to learn more about any of it, I am afraid the answer is an emphatic yes!

Now we have the 2016 campaign for POTUS with two of the most flawed candidates in the history of our nation running against each other.

One was under federal investigation, likely may have committed espionage and has seemingly been involved in a pay to play scheme enriching her beyond ones wildest imagination to the detriment of the people who she seeks to lead.

The other is simply a sophomoric bully who constantly says the wrong thing at the wrong time about the wrong people.

The media, Barack Obama and the Democrat Party partisans hammer away non-stop on Donald Trump while IGNORING or dismissing as unimportant or as fabrication anything to do with Hillary Clinton and her past indiscretions.

This is not the way that our system is supposed to work and yet the fact that it is what it is and that few Americans seem to care fits into the narrative described at the beginning of this article.

And those that do care and attempt to speak about it?

They are labeled and described with vitriol as rightwing zealots and/or insane conspiracy theorists.

And the passive, uninformed and uninterested American people quietly and dutifully just follow along!

Historical Comparison: Germany circa 1930's and America today!

Consider (Note: This historical look back is not necessarily designed to compare current day leaders to the likes of Hitler)...

...Why, then, did the highly educated Germans embrace a lunatic like Adolf Hitler?  The short answer is that bad policies caused economic, military and political crises – chow time for tyrants.  German circumstances changed for the worse, and when people become angry enough or desperate enough, sometimes they’ll support crazies who would never attract a crowd in normal circumstances...

...Hitler’s main talent seemed to be as a speech maker, so he began giving speeches that appealed to Germans embittered and disillusioned by the outcome of the war.  He denounced Jews, capitalists and other alleged villains, vowing to rebuild German greatness...

...Germany also had a financially stressed-out welfare state.  Almost 90 percent of German government spending went for a big bureaucracy, social programs, money-losing nationalized businesses and other subsidies — a portfolio of obligations uncomfortably familiar to us.  The German government subsidized municipalities, much as U.S. states are begging the federal government for bailouts now.  Germany had a troubled government-run pension system like our Social Security.  The German government provided health insurance for millions of people....

...The German central bank began printing stupendous quantities of paper money to pay for all this.  At the peak of the inflation in late 1923, only 1.3 percent of German government spending was covered by tax revenue.  The result was that in less than five years prices soared 100 billion-fold.

Inflation harmed everybody to one degree or another.  Many bank deposits were devalued to nothing.  Historian Gerald D. Feldman reported that gangs of unemployed coal miners plundered the countryside, because farmers refused to trade their produce for worthless paper money.  The government enacted rent controls that limited the ability of landlords to recover their costs and discouraged developers from building more apartments.  So cities borrowed from foreign lenders to build housing that lost money...' (Source)

Read it and, as the saying goes, weep!


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