Thursday, September 1, 2016

Photo's that Explain Why Liberal Leaders Are Fine With Open Borders, Unvetted Refugees and Sanctuary Cities

Why is it that as we watch Europe choke under the weight of a migrant crisis that's been exacerbated by open borders, liberal politicians in the U.S. are all-in on doing the same thing here?

The answer is simple and can be simply be articulated by the photos below.

While Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and their legions of ideological minions attempt to label as racists and xenophobes anyone who disagrees with their vote-pandering proposals for bringing in unvetted Syrian refugees, maintaining an open border with Mexico and sanctuary cities...

These so-called leaders (and their families) do not have to live with ANY of the risks associated with their policies but you and I, the American people, do!

They are playing fast and loose with our national security!

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