Monday, September 5, 2016

Greater Motivator For Radical Islam: Kim Kardashian Or Franklin Graham? (Quiz)

For radical Islamist leaders and the followers they lead, who motivates them more to kill and destroy...Reality TV-star Kim Kardashian or Christian evangelist Franklin Graham?

In other words, of the people and issues that drive recruitment and serve as motivation for groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda to want all things and all people who do not think and believe like them wiped off the face of the earth, what is the greatest 'recruitment tool'...

Multiple Choice Quiz On The Motivations Of Radical Islam...

Who or what is the greatest factor behind recruitment of new followers to the beliefs of radical Islam and to the indiscriminate and senseless bombings and murders perpetrated by radical Islamists?
  1. Is it Kim Kardashian, Franklin Graham or someone else?
  2. Is it a video like the one that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Susan Rice and the rest of the Left claimed was the reason behind the attack on Benghazi where four American citizens including our Ambassador were brutally murdered?
  3. Is it women around the world who have the audacity to be seen without being hidden from head to toe and who work and live a Western lifestyle?
  4. Is it girls of school-age actually going to school?
  5. Is it every citizen of the world who does not think, act and believe as those who ascribe to the tenets of Sharia Law?
  6. All of the Above
Of course the answer is an emphatic #6 and, if and until the leaders in Washington and other governments around the world actually do what it takes to deal with the issue, the citizens of the world will remain in grave danger!

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