Monday, August 1, 2016

Note To Donald Trump: Reel Me In, I'm Slipping Off Of The Hook!

Why use a fishing analogy to describe a race for the White House between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson?

This analogy is exceedingly useful when describing election 2016 for POTUS because to my mind there are four types of voters out there:
  1. Trumpers - Those voters who will vote for Donald Trump no matter what. Even if, as he famously said, he shot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City,
  2. Liberal and Progressive ideologues along with Obama sycophants - These people will vote for Hillary even if she were to let secrets slip into our enemies hands or engage in pay to play to bring money into a family foundation. Wait a second, she actually did do that but for Obamabots and low-information voters who get their news from the mainstream media, none of that ever seems to matter,
  3. True libertarians - These voters, right now about 10% of the electorate, will likely pull the lever for Gary Johnson who is desperately trying to get onto the presidential debate stage,
  4. Finally, I suppose that just leaves me and my brethren, the on-the-fence conservatives and Republicans along with Independents who want more than anything to jump onto the Trump-train but are constantly and rudely reminded by the candidate that he is a loose cannon and potentially not at all ready for prime time.
I am not speaking about the obvious joke he made about Russia and Hillary's emails although, Trump should understand that he has NO friends in the media who will jump at any chance to slam him while praising Hillary.

I speak instead of examples like the sophomoric name calling and the dwelling on issues important to him and not to me. 

A perfect example is the judge he went after vis a vis one of his own court cases. Days were spent by Trump and by the mainstream media on a self-centered rant when the American people really wanted to know how he is going to help them, not about how he feels that he has been wronged.

I speak of his inability, no matter how much the Trump campaign denies that it matters, to bring GOP heavyweights into the fold instead making them adversaries.

I also don't want my President taking to Twitter to defend and to attack in 140 characters or less. Strangely I am looking for some degree of thoughtfulness in a response that can't be fit into a Tweet.

Finally I don't want to listen to the radio, watch TV or pull-up the internet to read and hear about the candidate I would like to vote for deriding the family of a military hero, Ghazala Khan, who lost his life defending our nation. This horrendous mistake could be one of his most costly and the one with the longest hang-time that could come back to bite him the hardest!

The outcry from partisans, political friends and political enemies alike over this battle Trump has decided to engage in was simply not necessary in addition to being the absolute wrong thing to do!

Going back to the original premise of this note:

Donald Trump I am your target market in this election because if you let me and the others who are on-the-fence like me slip away your chances of winning may slip away with us!

Of course the one very important thing, and it's a big thing, that you have going in your favor is that few outside of category #2 above would EVER be able to stomach voting for the alternative Hillary Clinton.

That said, please help making voting for you an affirmative decision and not simply the lesser of two evils.

As my father used to say you need to insure that the decision to vote for you is one of commission and not simply through the omission of voting for your opponent.

Reel us in and don't let us off of the hook!


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