Monday, August 15, 2016


Who am I to tell a presidential candidate for one of the two major political parties in the U.S. he should cut the crap, stop whining and try to reclaim what his many missteps have lost?

Basically I am an American, patriot, husband, father, small business owner, concerned citizen over national security issues, ditto over ISIS and terrorism, worried about our economic future along with so many other things!

Things that concern Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and everyone else who loves the country and can't stand to have been witness to what has occurred under Barack Obama and will continue to occur under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

To Donald Trump

You, Donald J. Trump were given the opportunity, yes on a silver platter, to run against one of the weakest and most flawed candidates the Democrats could have put up.

And to date, you have not only squandered the opportunity but have run a campaign that to someone with a conspiracy mentality, almost seems as if you are actually trying to lose.

Taking that off of the table, I have stated before that your Trump Train passengers will vote for you regardless of anything that you do or say. As a matter of fact the more outrageous the more they seem to love it.

But the GOP voter such as myself along with gettable Independents and disgruntled Democrats is where you really need to focus your attention and quickly!

Do you remember this from an article about a week ago here (Note To Donald Trump: Reel Me In, I'm Slipping Off Of The Hook!)? And if not, perhaps you should subscribe so as not to miss anything.

'Finally, I suppose that just leaves me and my brethren, the on-the-fence conservatives and Republicans along with Independents who want more than anything to jump onto the Trump-train but are constantly and rudely reminded by the candidate that he is a loose cannon and potentially not at all ready for prime time.'

Going back to the title of this article, let's think about who it is that whines?

  1. Of course children whine,
  2. Disgruntled employees whine,
  3. Job candidates who don't get the job whine,
  4. Players on losing teams whine,
  5. Athletes and musicians in judged competitions whine,
  6. College-aged students complaining about the amount of work it is to apply to schools and to study for the standardized admission tests whine,
  7. Many of these same college-age students refused admission at the school of their choice will whine
  8. And I could go on!
So what is the constant here? People who have either lost something or who are about to lose something and are laying out the groundwork for that result if and when it occurs.

And really, nobody likes a whiner particularly in someone we are relying on to lead.

Whining: 'We (mistakenly) believe that if others truly understood how tough we have it, they would respect and admire us. Sadly, it doesn’t work this way. Telling people how hard things are evokes pity and sympathy at best, and boredom and disdain at worst.' (Source)

Mathematically speaking,

Whining = Losing Mentality + Laying The Groundwork For A Losers Excuses!

So long story short here is my advice to Donald Trump if anyone reading this would like to pass it along...

  1. Nobody wants to hear about how the election process is rigged! We are aware of the many shortcomings but then so were you. Put on your big boy pants and get going to work within the system as it exists in the same way everyone in the business world must do!
  2. Nobody wants to hear about the dishonest media. We all KNOW about the mainstream media bias but it is what it is and will not change if and until they start doing their real job rather that acting as non-payed non-employees of the DNC! Deal with it like a major party candidate for the highest position in our nation.
  3. We know in advance that it is likely that the debate moderators will be skewed towards Hillary. Instead of using words like dishonest and rigged system to describe them, study and work that much harder so that no matter what they ask or how they act you will shine none-the-less.
Do these things and there may still be a shot to win. Stay on the track you're currently on and the country is likely doomed to say Mrs. President for 4-8 years.

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