Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Obamacare Is Out Of Business! (Video)

Well maybe not just yet but, with insurers like Aetna dropping out due to massive losses, it's only a matter of time as Obamacare was nothing but a kitchen table science experiment that all but the liberal ideologues knew was doomed to fail!

But they also knew that the American people, with the help of the mainstream media, would buy the crap that Obama and his minions were peddling hook, line and sinker...

Nancy Pelosi: Affordable, Affordable, Affordable

Barack Obama: If You Like Your Plan Montage

Or maybe, just maybe, the Democrat politicians actually knew all along that Obamacare was going to fail but needed a stepping stone in the middle in order to reach their socialists Holy Grail, a government-run healthcare system!

And while I am neither politician, bean counter or healthcare aficionado, I can read between the lines and knew from the start that what Barack Obama promised was too good to be true. And that expecting the federal government to run anything well is by definition insanity!

Back in October 2013 I wrote an article titled...

'Don't be fooled! The Obamacare master plan was failure all along!'

In this article about Obamacare and the implementation issues it experienced I opined then in much the same way that I do now.

Obama is a failed President but one who will follow his ideological leanings regardless of the impact it will have on the American people!

' the time this website is fixed (if it ever is) and all of the glitches are ironed out we will be many many months down the road and by then it may unfortunately be too late to do anything about repealing Obamacare.

Then, when it all fails, it will only be time before we are living under a single-payer system, joining our friends across the pond and to our north and doing our best UK/Canada socialized medicine dance.

Bottom line?

Don't sell Barack Obama short!

He may be an incredibly bad President but he is nothing if not a Chicago community organizer who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it.'


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