Monday, August 8, 2016

Hillary's Health Issues, Part 2

A few days ago a video made the rounds describing what could very well be physical and mental issues that are plaguing Hillary Clinton!

Video Explaining Potential Reasons Behind Hillary Clinton's 'Bizarre' Behavior

Now comes additional visual evidence that appears to make the case that Hillary Clinton is so physically unstable that she needs help to simply climb a small set of steps.

Should a woman who is potentially so physically and mentally fragile be running for president? Absolutely not but any questions could be easily answered with a release of Hillary's medical records.

And don't the American people deserve to see those records before being asked to make a choice in November?

This election is not about Hillary Clinton's coronation, an ego that is driving her to run or Barack Obama's need to see her win so that she can finish the job he has started!

This election is about We The People and our need for effective leadership as the world has never been a more dangerous place (thanks in no small part to Hillary Clinton's failures as Secretary of State)!

And while this conjecture over health will be labeled right-wing conspiracy theory by Hillary’s minions that includes the mainstream media, it can all be easily explained away by her campaign with simple full disclosure of her medical history.
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