Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Did Trump Say That '2nd Amendment People' Should Shoot Hillary? (30- Second Video)

After watching the 30-second video below, tell me whether Donald Trump was actually suggesting that Hillary Clinton be shot by gun enthusiasts who believe in the U.S. Constitution!

If you watch the news or read a newspaper this morning, however, that is the basic premise that the media is pushing out!

That Donald Trump warned were Hillary to be elected POTUS, believers in the 2nd Amendment might take matters into their own hands if and when a Hillary Clinton-stacked Supreme Court tried to alter the right of Americans to bear arms!

Of course in actuality the only thing Donald Trump is guilty of in the clip below is his ongoing refusal to deal with the serious medical issue plaguing his run for the White House, chronic diarrhea of the mouth!

As we well know the mainstream media, as clearly indicated by the front page of the New York Daily News, is more than happy to run with any ball Trump hands to them.

This while essentially ignoring any of the many issues surrounding Hillary Clinton, the DNC , Clinton Foundation, pay-to-play et. al., up to and including the suspicious and untimely deaths (unless you're a Democrat) of John Ashe, Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich.

Know it, understand it and then deal with it!

The moral of the story? If Trump wants to actually win he needs to shut the hell-up and stay on message because there is NOTHING that he can say or do otherwise that won't be misconstrued and twisted by the media for the purpose of smearing both him and his campaign.

In other words whatever medicine or intervention is required to cure the aforementioned malady of diarrhea of the mouth, take it or do it before it is too late. Or is it already?

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