Friday, July 15, 2016

'The Shady Bunch' Video Starring Hillary, James Comey And Loretta Lynch!

The Shady Bunch video tells the story of the James Comey-led FBI's decision to let Hillary Clinton skate despite the email crimes that put U.S. national security at risk!

But it's the American people who may actually be severely punished as Hillary continues on with her campaign to become President of the United States!

To review...

'...James Comey issued what appeared to these ears a coordinated political decision not to recommend indictment for Hillary Clinton's flouting of the rule of law, U.S. national security not to mention the lives of American agents serving around the world!

How could it not have been coordinated in some way with Hillary's FBI 'interview' taking place just two days ago which was after Barack Obama had already taken the bold move to endorse her?

And how about the Comey decision getting released just an hour or so before Hillary boarded Air Force One to fly to North Carolina in order to campaign with Barack Obama?

And how about the actual content of the Comey decision that, if issued about you or I, would have resulted in being taken away in handcuffs!...' (Source)

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