Monday, July 4, 2016

New York Times Front Page: Mainstream Media Priorities Personified!

July 3, 2016: Two New York Times front page stories, one in the upper-righthand corner and the other directly below!

They reveal just how this mainstream media newspaper (and other liberal media like it) prioritizes the news that the American sheeple read and that helps to shape the opinions of a society that believes what they are fed as long as it's delivered in 15-30-second soundbites!

The headlines are also particularly instructive given the fact that Barack Obama has been trying to convince the American people (and the world) that his JV team ISIS (ISIL) is fading and is on the run.

Never mind that the actions of ISIS speak far louder than Obama's words and useless empty rhetoric!

What is also telling is that FINALLY a Democrat Party supporter in the guise of an independent news source is telling the truth...ISIS is not on the run and is in fact spreading its tentacles further and further around the world.

The Headlines?

1) Slaughter in Bangladesh As ISIS Broadens Reach: TRUE

2) Obama At Night: 7 Almonds And Some Precious Solitude: WHO CARES!


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