Saturday, July 9, 2016

Must Read: Dallas Murders, Alinsky And Obama!

Many will say that the tragedy of 5 murdered police officers in Dallas has resulted directly from the racial division that Barack Obama has fomented and reinforced since taking office!

And of course some will not.

But for those American's who have their collective heads buried in the sand and will fervently disagree (or be too distracted with nonsense to be paying attention), an article back on June 18, 2016 examined Barack Obama, Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals and how the three are inextricably linked.

Below is the beginning of the article but when you read it in its entirety, pay particular attention to #4 and #8 in Alinsky's Levels of Control.

It is frightening to see how a community organizer with no particular set of skills to be President of the United States has sadly followed through on his promise to fundamentally change our nation.

Only instead of for the better....

Saturday, June 18, 2016

'Alinsky Rules For Radicals: Obama Has Almost Finished The Job!'

While The American Sheeple Sleep The Community Organizer-in-Chief Isn't Simply Playing Golf And Setting Policy That Seems Designed To Let ISIS Grow And Run Rampant!

Oh no!

He seems to have had another mission that he has executed extremely well under the nose of an American public that appears to be more than willing to remain ignorant and play right along!

And of course Barack Obama hasn't done it alone! He has had the willing participation of a mainstream media that is more an arm of the Democrat Party than it is a disseminator of the news.

But the Obama-Alinksy connection is not a new phenomenon. It has always been there but as with so many issues from the President's past, it has been largely ignored! (October 2013: 'The Obama-Alinsky Connection'!)

And now, 7 1/2 years into his administration, the damage has been done! The question is whether it is in any way reversible?

That is what makes the 2016 election cycle so critically important!

So who is Saul Alinsky... 


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