Sunday, July 17, 2016

ISIS, China, Turkey, Terrorism, Dirty Politicians Or Pokemon Go?

As the world continues down the increasingly steep and slippery slope towards total chaos, what is it that the average American is most concerned about?

In-other-words with the following issues and events occurring on the world stage and/or domestically, which of the items in this list keeps the people of the United States up at night?
  1. ISIS on the ever-expanding move, 
  2. The Chinese takeover in the South China Sea, 
  3. Our NATO 'ally' Turkey in the tumultuous aftermath of an unsuccessful coup attempt, 
  4. The fear of terrorism, 
  5. A woman of questionable moral quality the presumptive candidate for President of the United States,
  6. Putin and Russia or,
  7. Locating Pokémon in the new mindless rage taking over the consciousness of Americans, Pokémon Go,
  8. All of the Above,
  9. None of the Above,
  10. 1 through 6 but not 7
  11. 7 Only
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