Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Political Misdirection Play: Gun Control versus Radical Islam (Video)

The liberals attempt to avert the country's eyes away from the real issue, Islamic extremism, by focusing instead on a debate about guns is a classic example of the old football misdirection play! 

In the use of misdirection the team on offense tries to make the defense believe they are doing one thing when in fact they are doing something completely different.

New York Jets football fans (and Miami Dolphins fans as well) will likely always remember how the 1994 fake spike at the end of the game by Dan Marino snatched victory out of the hands of Gang Green.

It unfortunately seems that now a similar attempt at Flim Flam Florio is currently occurring on the Left side of the political spectrum in the United States (and has been occurring for many years).

An ideology that is trying to turn the narrative away from the actual threat we face from radical Islamic extremists who want all who don't believe as they do dead, into one of calling for stricter gun laws.

By doing so Americans who get their news spoon-fed to them by the mainstream media will jump on-board and be all-in on the concept that this ban of firearms will somehow magically solve our issue with indiscriminate mass killing.

The reality, however, is that as we all know the bad guys will always get whatever weapons they choose to use in order to commit crimes or heinous acts.

This could be guns, knives, explosives or even something as barbaric as the use of fire or drowning.

To be clear this is not an opinion piece concerning whether or not their is a need for assault rifles in the hands of the general public.

Rather it is about my concern that the national security concerns of our Democrat leaders, starting with Barack Obama, are not quite where they should be.

This is also not about this particular terrorists focus on the LGBT community as the next target for the terrorists could very well be a church, synagogue, mall or a sporting event (or any other target as last nights killing in Paris clearly shows). Simply look at the recent history of Islamic extremist inspired attacks to understand how that is the case.

It's not about the vigils that the world holds to show solidarity with the victims and their families each and every time one of these attacks takes place because, if the terrorists have their way, such vigils God forbid could become even more of a regular occurrence!

No, this is a discussion about my lack of understanding at how the Obama administration seems to have somehow been orchestrating the rise of radical Islam either through it policies that began with our unilateral withdrawal from Iraq and that has continued with countless other miscues.

I chose the word miscue carefully because that tends to suggest an innocent miscalculation or perhaps simple incompetence.

I hope that is the case although when the body of work for this President is examined by historians they may find it hard to believe that someone who attained the position of Leader of the Free World could have been so woefully unprepared for the job!

An Incomplete Resume Of Barack Obama Failures Of Leadership!

What Has America Accomplished After Two-Terms Of A Barack Obama Presidency?
  • Pre-announced unilateral withdrawal from Iraq leaving a leadership vacuum that led to the rise of ISIS,
  • The Exponential Growth of ISIS And Related Terrorist Organizations,
  • Failure to recognize ISIS as more than a JV team,
  • The Iran Nuclear Deal,
  • Loss of international standing with leaderships failures such as the Syrian redline,
  • Loss of standing that has led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and China's takeover of disputed islands in the South China Sea,
  • The Middle East In Shambles, 
  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis,
  • Resumption Of The Cold War With Russia,
  • The Breakdown In Relations With Our Friends While Fostering New Relationships With Our Enemies,
  • An Open US/Mexico Border Through Which The Real Potential Exists That Terrorists Have Already Entered The Country,
  • The Gutting Of The US Military, 
  • The Minimization Or Complete Ignoring Of ISIS Atrocities, 
  • Splintering Of The United States Along Racial Lines And The Fostering Of A Hatred And Distrust Of Cops culminating in the formation of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, 
  • Expansion Of US Debt To The Point Of Choking The Global Economy While Said Debt Has Done Little To Greatly Improve The US economy, 
  • The Complete Degradation Of Our System Of Government and so on and so on! (Source)
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Stricter Gun Laws Will NEVER Supersede Ideology!


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