Wednesday, June 29, 2016

John Kerry: Our National Security In The Hands Of A Fool! (Video)

John 'Iran Nuclear Deal' Kerry is one of the Obama administration idiots in charge of protecting the citizens of the United States!

So how safe are you feeling?

John Kerry spoke yesterday from the Aspen Ideas Festival providing his take on the terror attack in Turkey that was perpetrated by ISIS or another group of Islamic extremists.

Kerry's take? The terrorist attack on a soft target that killed 40+ and injured hundreds was a sign of weakness on the part of the terrorists.

As sad as that statement is it's just par for the course by an Obama administration that can't seem to get much of anything right let along it's one true job, protecting the American people!

Kerry is just another liberal elite hypocrite whose life is not impacted one iota by terrorism but he will tell you that there is nothing to worry about...
  • He doesn't fly on commercial jets,
  • He has, to use his phrase from this video, 24/7 365 Secret Service protection,
  • He has advance men go to any venue he is going to appear at making sure there are no security issues,
  • No Syrian migrants will be living next door to the Secretary of State or be living in any one of the many towns where he owns real estate!
John Kerry Calming America's Nerves?


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