Friday, June 3, 2016

#FeelingTheBern, #FeelingHillary or #GotTrump

The American Voter?
Unfortunately, a great majority of American voters are lazy and completely uninformed (aka willfully ignorant) when it comes to politics, elections and candidates! 

This typically holds true whether the person who they seek to elect for office is running for dog catcher all the way up to president!

Sadly, in the era of the 30-second soundbite and a media that has clearly chosen an ideological side to support, it's not all the fault of the American people.

Of course to be fair, the sheeple who roam among us are typically willing to be led as opposed to being leaders, take little to no responsibility for their actions and the decision of who to elect as President of the United States will take a back seat to more important issues like reality TV and Facebook.

Here come some now...

Peeking Under The Hood Of The Candidates


If you're young and unhappy over your lot in life that is, for the most part no different than mine when I was young, you look for the candidate(s) who promise you the world.

At the same time you resist the temptation to delve into what those promises might actually mean for America were they to ever be realized.

You stay focused on the word 'FREE' and on phrases like 'the rich paying their fair share' that seem to have become the mantra for a new generation.

You assume the posture of the victimized rather than one of ambition.

You stay ignorant of the facts such as the current socialist-induced crisis in Venezuela because facts will only get in the way of 'the cause'.

You also won't hear very much about issues like the anti-Israel stance of two of the socialist candidates appointees to the 15-member Democratic Party platform committee, Cornel West and James Zogby, because that would require either looking yourself or being told by the MSM.

Neither will likely occur!


You will listen to Hillary's shrill scream telling you how dangerous Trump is when the reality is that thanks to the former Secretary of State and her then boss in the White House, the world has never been a more dangerous place.

You won't hear words and phrases like Benghazi, Libya, Russian reset, withdrawal from Iraq, Islamic extremism, etc.

You will hear about vast right-wing conspiracies and about an economy that has worked well for her but not so great for the rest of us.

You won't hear much about the apparent crimes committed as Secretary of State where she treated state secrets as if they were open-source software.

You will hear little of the piggy bank known as the Clinton Foundation that seemed to run a fantastically lucrative play-to-play scheme that any criminal enterprise would be proud of.

You would know of course if you looked but think of the effort that would take. Instead the sheeple will rely on the MSNBC's of the world to tell them what is so.


None of this is to say that Donald Trump is a perfect candidate because of course he isn't. His over-the-top, sophomoric and abusive rhetoric is anything but presidential and he is a relative unknown in many ways.

This may lead people to look at Hillary as an horrendous candidate yet a known quantity. In other words for some voters the devil they know may be better than the devil they don't.


Of course in Election 2016 as in any election, we are dealing with candidates who are either politicians or politician wanna be's fervently denying their pasts, revising history, pointing the finger of blame for any failures away from themselves and basically telling whichever constituency they are in front of what said constituency wants to hear.

And, if you're Hillary, you may even do it in the appropriate regional accent.

But to co-opt a phrase that Al Baldasaro used at a Trump rally when referring to the media, Americans need to 'get heir heads out of their butts!'

They need to remember the phrase 'Yes We Can' from the first Obama campaign and then look at where the country and the world stands today.

They need to look past the soundbites and actually look to the facts.

With his bully pulpit (and taxpayer funded travel) we will hear Obama incessantly from now until the election try and tell us how good things are economically. How much safer the world is. How Trump's ideas about national security and sovereign borders are the ramblings of a racist lunatic.

Please America, I Beg You! Do your own due diligence and make an informed decision about what is best for America, your family and the world



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