Sunday, June 5, 2016

Do Hillary's Coughing Fits Suggest A Serious Medical Condition? (Video)

It has been suggested that Hillary's coughing is due to the fact that she's choking on her own bullshit or that perhaps she was hit by a severe case of Lyingitis!

But do her coughing fits and apparent swollen ankles that she manages to keep hidden by a wardrobe consisting solely of pantsuits, suggest something far more serious?

Only her doctor would know for sure but consider...

'On a serious note, coughing fits can also be a symptom of something more serious and ultimately fatal, like heart failure.

One of the more common unflattering nicknames for Hillary is ‘cankles’ which describe swollen ankles. For years Hillary has worn pantsuits to hide her legs and in researching this post I discovered it’s very difficult to find recent photos of her where her ankles are visible.

However I was able to find a couple and when I zoomed in it’s evident that she does indeed suffer from grossly swollen ankles.

Ankle swelling along with a cough suggests fluid is accumulating in the lower extremities and lungs. Combine that with her history of fainting and blood clots and it’s indicative of someone suffering from advanced cardiovascular disease and a failing heart.

Which raises the issue of whether someone in her condition would even be able to handle the stress of being president. For that matter, the stress of a political campaign combined with her legal troubles.' (Source)



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