Sunday, May 1, 2016

How Obama And The U.N. Protect The World!

Why this sudden antipathy for the United Nations at The Political Commentator?

Truth be told it's nothing new but, as events and flash-points around the world are seemingly spinning out of control, the ridiculousness of this institution that for some reason the world relies on to control bad actors becomes too much to bear!

Some examples through time...

Yesterday - U.N. Names Israel Top Violator Of The Human Rights Of Women

December 2015 - What if Pearl Harbor was attacked today! (Video)

September 2013 - Obama taking a rhetorical field trip to the U.N.!

Global Security United Nation/Obama-style As North Korea Tests Ballistic Missiles!

The rogue nation North Korea (similar to Iran) is led by a man, Kim Jong-un, who has been described as potentially more vicious than his father and equally as mentally unstable.

He starves his people and murders his friends and 'enemies' to maintain power.

So if we use history as our guide sanctions likely mean nothing to the North Korea leader and, he eats U.N. tough talk and empty rhetoric for breakfast!

Therefore, the machinations of the United Nations Security Council imposing sanctions on this nation is nothing more than mental masturbation and public relations!

Yet this is how an Obama-led world reacts to potentially mortal danger.

Then of course there is Obama's nuclear deal with Iran (see above) being maintained and monitored by the feckless and useless United Nations but that is a story for another time.

Does the news below have Kim Jong-un quaking in his North Korean boots? Doubtful!

'UN Security Council diplomats were negotiating a draft statement on Friday that would push for tough sanctions on North Korea to be enforced worldwide after Pyongyang’s latest test-firing of medium-range missiles.

The draft statement, obtained by AFP, requests that all UN member-states report no later than May 31 on the “concrete measures” they have taken to implement the sanctions resolution.
It directs a UN sanctions committee to “intensify its work to strengthen enforcement of resolution 2270,” which was adopted in March after North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test and fired a rocket.

The United States and China agreed on the statement but its adoption was delayed after Russia requested more time to consider the text, diplomats said.

The statement was now likely to be adopted during the weekend or next week, they said.

The measure strongly condemns the most recent failed ballistic missile launches and demands that North Korea refrain from further actions that violate UN resolutions...' (Source)



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