Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Obama Legacy? Russian Jets Buzz The USS Donald Cook (Video)

What happens when the only message that a U.S. President conveys to the world is one of weakness?
  • When red lines are set, violated and ignored?
  • When ISIS is allowed to run wild?
  • When the term Islamic extremism is not in the vernacular of the Obama administration
  • When a nuclear deal is struck with rogue nation Iran?
  • When Russia is allowed to invade Ukraine with absolutely no pushback?
  • When the only persona that is conveyed Barack Obama and his national security stooges like John Kerry is impotence and weakness?
Russia fighter jets come within 1,000 feet of the USS Donald Cook knowing that they can do so with absolute impunity!

Remember, particularly those who voted for Barack Obama twice, that the world is a dangerous place and that elections most definitely do have consequences!

H/T CBS News

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