Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Risk Of War Grows As January 20, 2017 Draws Near!

Remember that a weak and feckless leader is an attractive target for wrongdoers who know there are no consequences for their actions!

As examples consider the provocative actions taken by Russia in Syria, Russia in Ukraine, Russia buzzing U.S. warships, North Korea conducting nuclear bomb and missile tests, Iran's provocative actions post-nuclear deal and finally China's takeover of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.

These countries knew that there would be no response from the weak-kneed leader of the United States, Barack Obama, and therefore acted with little to no fear of retaliation beyond the use of empty rhetoric by the Obama administration!

And, they were right in all cases which serves the purpose of emboldening them even more!

People like to say that there are only 7 or so more months to go before Obama leaves office so the damage he has done is somewhat limited to what has already occurred.

I say that one need only look back to the last worst President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, to know that is not necessarily true.

Remember the Iran hostage crisis and how it ended the day that Ronald Reagan took the Oath of Office?

Then consider that a foreign leader or leader of a terrorist organization would much rather have to deal with the repercussions (or lack thereof) from a leader like Obama than any of the Republicans candidates or even from a Democrat like Hillary Clinton.

So is the world out of the woods knowing that we are counting down to the next leader of the free world who may actually be one?

To the contrary, I say that these have the potential to be even more dangerous times leading up to January 20, 2017 than anyone can even imagine!

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