Thursday, April 14, 2016

NYC, Terrorism, Hillary And Bernie: The Difference Between A Bus And A Subway (Video)

For New Yorkers (and most everyone else) the difference is an obvious one!

For elitist and pandering liberal/socialist candidates running for president, however, the differences can be confusing!

While they stand in front of union audiences or throngs of cheering fans belonging to a constituency whose votes they are desperate to receive, the very same people that take these modes of transportation every day, the candidates themselves know little about the daily trials and tribulations of the 'folks on Main Street'!

Here is a quick primer that might help someone like Hillary Clinton actually appear and sound like a 'regular guy' if asked the question...

Bus vs. Subway

National Security

You see for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, national security and the fears of everyday Americans are simply words that drip from their mouths during a campaign stop or a photo op!

For the average American, or in this case New Yorker who takes mass transit every day without the benefit of photographers and a Secret Service detail, National Security and the issue of bringing unvetted refugees to our American shores is deadly serious business!

While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders pander to progressive liberal voters with their grandiose promises and by calling the Republicans racists they, on a daily basis, do not have to face what the rest of Americans and really people all over the world do.

They do not run the risk of facing what is currently going on in Europe, Iraq, Syria, Russia, India, Israel and, with the spread of ISIS and Islamic extremism thanks in no small part to the former Secretary of State, everywhere else in the world as well!

No, to Bernie and Hillary it's simply all politics all of the time!

As a primer for them then, this is what Americans who have the ability to think are concerned with...

Mumbai 2006
Moscow Metro 2010

Paris Attacks
Brussels Bombing
Tunisia 2015

NYC September 11, 2001



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