Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why The Hell Are You Running For President?

I pose this question To Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich because the reality is that one or more of them seems to have forgotten why they want the GOP nomination!

This nomination process is not about the collective YOU!

It's about the United States and the American people who you claim to want to serve as president!

It's not about your ego, your feelings, your wife's feelings, your campaign staff's feelings or your personal pride!

No, this nominating process is actually about the future of the United States and, as a start, the need to put a Republican in the White House to try and reverse the disaster of the previous 8-years of Barack Obama!

Logically then the process is to do whatever is necessary to insure that Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders does not win the White House!

Each of you has made a pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee although now you are backtracking.

Donald Trump says he is wavering because he has been treated badly by his opponents and the RNC.

To that I say put your big-boy pants on because stopping the Democrats is not about you, your ego or your feelings.

I say the same to Ted Cruz and John Kasich because no matter how distasteful the eventual Republican nominee is to you rest assured that it pales in comparison to four years of Hillary or Bernie!

Through your behavior the three of you are sabotaging the eventual Republican nominee and all but making sure that an un-indicted Hillary (although Democrats will vote for the indicted version as well) will be the next POTUS.

And the mainstream media will promote and encourage the behavior becuase it serves their ultimate vision that is a Hillary Clinton presidency!

Is that your goal or is it, as the saying goes, to 'Make America Great Again'!

Once Again To Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich: Please Try To Remember The Reason That You Are Running!

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