Monday, March 28, 2016

When You Refuse To Recognize (Or Name) Your Enemy...

Four Day Early But Timeless!
'Taliban suicide bomber blows himself up next to SWINGS at a park in Pakistan'

With the deliberate killing and maiming of Christian women and children in Pakistan on Easter representing the most recent attack committed by Islamic extremists, the Obama administrations many failures in prosecuting the global war on terror are highlighted in the list below!

And in a short history lesson concerning the exponential growth of ISIS, the writing was clearly on the wall back in 2009 when it became obvious that Barack Obama would not be using the term 'global war on terrorism' opting for the nondescript phrase 'overseas contingency operations' instead!

Well fast-forward to 2016 and nothing has changed when it comes to Barack Obama, a man who will likely go down in the annals of American history as the weakest, most feckless and yes, the worst U.S. President of all time!

Now in addition to being unable and unwilling for reasons that only he knows to even utter the terms 'Islamic extremists' or 'Islamic extremism', the following and likely incomplete list notes some of my other observations concerning his failed policies...

  • If your leaders primary goal is to try and convince its own citizenry that all is well and both the enemy and war are under control rather than do whatever is necessary to defeat them,
  • If your leaders, rather than protecting the country's borders, instead leave them wide open,
  • If your leaders allow unvetted and potential enemy combatants into your country for humanitarian reasons against the best interests of the citizens they were put into office to protect,
  • If your leaders, for ideological purposes only, release and plan to continue releasing enemy combatants out of prison and back to the fight,
  • If for those same ideological reasons your leaders make decisions against the advice of their own military experts,
  • If these same leaders fail to understand the enemies tactics,
  • If your country's allies become unsure that their 'big brother' has their back,
  • If these leaders refuse to adapt its own rules of engagement to be more consistent with the enemies,
  • Or if these leaders are unwilling to move off some ideal of a moral high ground that's necessary in order to do what's needed to retrieve actionable intelligence to fulfill the governments one true job which is to protect its citizens,
  • If your leaders refuse to understand your enemies methods (possible duplicate),
  • Or to fully understand what the enemies targets are both human and structural (see Brussels, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Easter in Pakistan, Paris, 9/11/01, etc),
  • Or to acknowledge and strategize appropriately for the enemies clearly stated endgame,
  • Or if your campaigns leaders fail (or refuse to) to understand the ways in which your enemy deploys it 'soldiers',
  • And if your country's military and political leaders cannot even call the enemy by its name and instead dance around the obvious issue,
Then how the hell is there any hope that the enemy can ever be defeated?

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