Thursday, March 24, 2016

Visit Brussels, It's Safe! (Tourism Video)

So says the video below released about three months ago that even mentions how safe and welcoming the enclave Molenbeek is when the reality is anything but!

But the writing was on the wall in Belgium well before this weeks terrorist attack in Brussels, that serious intelligence failures were present and that the city wasn't safe!

If only those killed and maimed had been told the truth!

And Europe, due in no small part to its welcoming of unvetted refugees, will likely never be the same again! Unfortunately Barack Obama is insistent on bringing those same unvetted refugees here as well!

'...A record of blunders, breakdowns in communication and policy deficiencies reinforces the gloomy appraisal of the country’s own interior minister, Jan Jambon. Even before the Paris attacks of last November 13, he described Belgium as Europe’s “weakest link" in countering terrorism.

In the aftermath of the Paris and Brussels attacks, questions have been raised about:

• A failure to alert French authorities to the activities of Salah Abdeslam, arrested in Brussels last week as a key suspect in the Paris attacks. Though brought up in the heavily Moroccan Brussels district of Molenbeek, Abdeslam has French nationality and was allegedly known for his radicalism as well as more conventional criminality since 2014. Because his name did not appear on France’s list of terror suspects, he was allowed unhindered through controls on his way back to Belgium the morning after the attacks

• The inability of Belgian authorities to locate Abdeslam in his four months of hiding, despite the fact he was finally discovered in a flat just 700 metres from his family’s home in Molenbeek. The flat was also a short distance from the bar Abdeslam formerly ran with his brother, Brahim, who blew himself up during the Paris attacks

• Boasting in an online ISIL publication by Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged ringleader of the Paris attacks who was killed five days later in a shoot-out with police, of being able to travel freely between Belgium and Syria despite his name and photograph being “all over the news"

• Inadequate security measures at Brussels’ Zaventem international airport, an obvious terrorist target at a time when prosecutors believed Abdeslam had been planning attacks in Brussels

• Top-heavy bureaucracy in Belgium’s dual-language system, impeding effective policing of so-called “extremist hotbeds" such as Molenbeek

• Insufficient recruitment of intelligence and police officers of Arab and African backgrounds

• Years of underfunding of security services, addressed only after the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris last January and, a few days later, a shoot-out with extremists in the city of Verviers

• Reluctance by Belgium’s intelligence service to share information with counterparts in other European countries – or even, on occasion, their own police...' (Source)

Despite Weak Security, Brussels Beckoned Tourists!

H/T BEShep33 c/o Powerline

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