Thursday, March 24, 2016

To His Loyal Fans, Donald Trump Is The George Costanza Candidate! (Video)

This is not an endorsement of Donald Trump but is simply an observation, something that Jerry Seinfeld made millions building a show around! 

And while I won't make millions from this observation (or anything), it seems to me that Donald Trump is the exact opposite of everything that politics has ever been about!

And apparently, therein lies the Trump appeal in an age when a great many voters have gotten tired of listening to career politicians simply spew what they think the audience demographic that happens to be in front of them at the time wants to hear!

You see the political arena has always been about:
  • Political correctness, 
  • Pandering to whichever constituency happened to be in the audience,
  • Reliance on large donors and special interest groups, 
  • Tough yet respectful banter with opponents, 
  • Clearly articulated (although likely untrue and meant only to get votes) positions on the issues that you want to speak about, 
  • Dancing around and ignoring those issue that you don't want to speak about, 
  • Avoiding media you think will ask tough questions and so on and so on.
Donald Trump is the exact opposite of this and, whether that fact turns out to be good or bad, is purely up to the voters and the GOP establishment that might try to get in the way of the democratic process at the GOP Convention being held July 18-21 in Cleveland.

Donald Trump, The George Costanza Of The 2016 Republican Primary Season!


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