Friday, March 18, 2016

The Republicans Could F@*K-Up A ___ Dream!

Pardon my French and fill-in the blank however you like but I was watching a news channel this morning that was discussing the 'rules' for a brokered convention!

Brokered Convention?

As I stood over my coffee discussing the increasing potential for the publics choice (not my choice) to be denied the Republican nomination by a bunch of out-of-touch career politicians in Washington whose main goal seems to be holding onto power and maintaining the status quo my thought was this...

The Democrats are going to nominate either...
  • A career politician with enough baggage to sink a battleship and who stands a chance of being indicted before the election ever takes place or,
  • A career politician who is an avowed socialist promising the world (aka free stuff) to an electorate either too lazy or too stupid to know that there is absolutely no way to pay for any of it without further bankrupting our nation!
If Republicans are forced to hold a brokered convention, or some idiot runs as a third party candidate, or Trump gets the nomination after a contentious convention melee and some GOP voters vow to stay home what will have been accomplished?

That after two-terms of who will go down in history as the worst and least patriotic President in history the nation would elect a Democrat who will finish the job that Obama started.

In addition it will likely mean that the GOP loses the Congress.

Finally it will also more likely than not mean that Democrats will control Washington for a longtime to come.

Is that what you want because it is definitely not what I want or what the country can survive!

Somebody in the Republican Party needs to step-up and be the so-called 'grown-up in the room' and do what is best for the country and not simply what's best to maintain their cushy careers in Washington!


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