Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Obama And The Brussels Terror Attack: 1-Minute Of Response! (Video)

Photo Credit: HuffPo
The Obama Doctrine: Never Let A Terrorist Attack Or Any Other Crisis Interfere With a Vacation, Baseball Game, Golf Or Fundraising!

Or legacy building or paying homage to a dictatorial regime in a communist country, etc.

Barack Obama found about one-minute in Cuba yesterday to address the terror attack in Brussels that was carried out by Islamic extremists. Not that the President said the words Islamic extremists because of course he didn't.

But the empty rhetoric that he did spew has become so predictable that I had done a fairly good job doing just that yesterday morning, well before he spoke ('ISIS + Unvetted 'Refugees' = Brussels Airport And Metro Bombing').

At the time, however, I had attributed my predicted words to Obama mouthpiece Josh Earnest because to be honest I wasn't sure that Barack Obama himself would find the time to speak with such a busy schedule in Cuba.

In any event I present my prediction followed by a video of the President offering his words. It will not take more than about 1 minute, 20 seconds for you to watch it!

Prediction Of The Obama Administrations Statement About Brussels!

When it ultimately does comes, the response from White House spokesman Josh Earnest will be the same as it is for every international crisis or act of terrorism (with no mention of Islamic extremism):
  1. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families,
  2. The President has been briefed,
  3. We condemn these attacks in the strongest terms,
  4. The US stands with our European allies and will offer whatever assistance needed to bring the perpetrators of these heinous attacks to justice,
And, as it is during every domestic and international crisis, this is just blather and empty rhetoric from an empty suit (Barack Obama) who plans on doing nothing more to 'help' than continuing the process of bringing 'Syrian refugees' to the United States!


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