Thursday, March 17, 2016

Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton and Obama...Three Men Who Will Always Be Remembered!

A legacy is something that we will be remembered for long after we are gone whether from the earth, a company or an office!

These three men are no different!

These posters tell the story of three men who will have left an indelible mark on all of us!

Steve Jobs of course will be remembered for the way in which he revolutionized how society does things technologically!

Bill Clinton will be remembered for the unfortunate way that he changed how many define what sex is or is not. And of course for also lying under oath to Congress and being impeached!

Barack Obama will be remembered for oh so many failures on the domestic front, in the foreign policy arena and of course for the way he has handled our national security by making the U.S. a much less safe nation! He will also be remembered for the worst post-recession recovery of all-time while spending the most taxpayer money to do it!



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