Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ISIS + Unvetted 'Refugees' = Brussels Airport And Metro Bombing

Update 9:00 AM EST: Still no word from Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton!

Note: When it ultimately does comes, the response from White House spokesman Josh Earnest will be the same as it is for every international crisis or act of terrorism (with no mention of Islamic extremism):
  1. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families,
  2. The President has been briefed,
  3. We condemn these attacks in the strongest terms,
  4. The US stands with our European allies and will offer whatever assistance needed to bring the perpetrators of these heinous attacks to justice,
And, as it is during every domestic and international crisis, this is just blather and empty rhetoric from an empty suit (Barack Obama) who plans on doing nothing more to 'help' than continuing the process of bringing 'Syrian refugees' to the United States!

The End Of Europe As We Know It Has Arrived! Or, Did It Arrive Well Before Now And The World Is FINALLY Waking-up To Realize It?

For America, The Question Is Whether the Endgame Of Barack Obama's Plan For Bringing Unvetted Refugees To The United States Is To Make The U.S., Europe?
  • Millions of Syrian have flooded into the EU who may be Syrian, or not,
  • Who may actually be refugees, or not,
  • Who may be ISIS plants, or not,
  • Who may become disenchanted refugees and be vulnerable to becoming ISIS recruits, or not,
  • Who have unfettered access to all of the EU,
  • Who may be patiently (days, months or years) laying-in-wait until some trigger event or order comes down to execute an attack like the ones that just occurred in Brussels!
Is The United States The Next Europe?

So while Barack Obama toasts Cuba at a state dinner in Havana and attends a baseball game there while the world is burning, consider this when you spend a few seconds or a few minutes today thinking about how horrific the terrorist attacks that just happened at an airport in Brussels and in a Metro station there are...

Will you, despite the fact that we have had multiple Islamic extremist terrorist attacks on our soil including 9/11, the San Bernardino attack and the attack at Fort Hood, view this terrorist attack in Brussels as just another news story from far away before getting on with your day...

Or will you finally wake-up and understand that the policies of Barack Obama both domestic and foreign have opened-up our nation to the same potential for indiscriminate killing and that our President wants to bring in unvetted refugees to seal the deal (not to mention our open border with Mexico)!
ISIS is global and this picture could occur anywhere now!
From a November 2015 article, 'Syrian Refugees: Will The American Sheeple Finally Stand Up And Say NO?'


The American sheeple need to stand-up and let Barack Obama know that we have had our September 11 in the US and DO NOT want to swing open our doors to the very same terrorists so that they can do it here again! 

Will the sheeple in Congress and the sheeple throughout America finally stand-up and tell this poor excuse for a commander-in-chief that we DO NOT want to bring Syrian refugees here?

Not because we are inhumane, not because we don't understand their horrendous plight, not because we aren't a compassionate people many of whom that had our ancestors come here to escape to a safer and better life.

We need to fight having Syrian refugees brought here because interspersed among them will be ISIS and Islamic State fighters who will be coming here to try and destabilize us and destroy our way of life and society!

And yet our feckless leader Barack Obama remains firm in his desire to bring these unvetted refugees here!

Why is that?

I have my own thoughts as to the reason why that is (Obama's Master Plan: Because No President Could Be This Bad By Accident! (List)) but unless Americans make it clear that we do not want to open our borders and arms to potential terrorists, then they will most certainly be here.

And unfortunately with this President even if the American people are solidly against bringing Syrian refugees here he may act and do it unilaterally anyway!

And one last thought...If you listened to the timid and politically correct Democrats running for president in last nights debate, remember that ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

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