Sunday, March 6, 2016

George Carlin Speaks To Political Correctness (Video)

Back in December The Political Commentator wrote an article titled, 'Political Correctness Will Lead To Our Society's Demise!'

In this article the following points were offered as examples concerning the way in which liberals, to satisfy the unreasonable demands of a few, have inserted politically correct rules that in fact alter the lives of the masses in a negative way...
  • Christmas as a word and as a celebration are out. The word holiday is in so as not to offend anyone,
  • Students wearing 'offensive' clothing such as anything to do with America, may be deemed as being insensitive to those around them, and sent home,
  • Speakers on college campuses seen by the authorities in charge as being offensive will at times lose their opportunity to speak,
  • The mere expressing of ones opinion on a 'controversial' subject matter has become grounds for losing a job (i.e. Curt Schilling),
  • One protestor or small group of protestors stating that some symbol or object being utilized is 'degrading and racist' forces or tries to force its removal from the lexicon of society (i.e. Washington Redskins),
  • The attempt by some to shut-down or mute any public outcry concerning a position that they do not agree with (i.e. support of the 2nd Amendment). This attempt to stifle discussion, in my humble opinion, typically will originate from those on the Left who profess themselves as the kinder and gentler protectors of what is right.
Today I read the following article that is more of the same in a Europe that has basically set in motion its own demise through the acceptance of an unlimited number of Middle Eastern and North African refugees who neither want to or plan to assimilate to the host culture...

'German cafes stop selling pork sausages to spare the feelings of Muslim “refugees”'

George Carlin On Political Correctness


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