Friday, March 25, 2016

Barack Obama: The Imperfect Manchurian President?

Photo: NY Daily News
Obama golfs after James Foley beheading
In the past I have opined that it's possible, because anything is possible, that Barack Obama might not have the best interests of America at heart!

I have half-jokingly invoked the term Manchurian President because I have always operated under the belief that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

And yet, time after time and in decision after decision whether foreign policy, national security or even Obamacare, Barack Obama has been wrong.

And these wrong decisions that were often made in direct opposition to advisors and experts have made America less prosperous and certainly less safe!

Photo: Breitbart
After terrorist attack in Brussels, Obama enjoying a Cuban baseball game
And yet Obama gets a pass on them all from liberals and the mainstream media, even up to the most recent revelation that at least 30% of Gitmo prisoners that he released back into the field have cost Americans their lives!

Photo: BBC
After Brussels terrorist attack, Obama enjoys a dance
But to say that Barack Obama is incompetent or seems not to care or makes bad decisions all of the time would be unfair without offering some examples. Here is a partial list from an article written in September 2015 titled, 'Obama's Master Plan: Because No President Could Be This Bad By Accident! (List)'.

What Has America Accomplished After Two-Terms Of A Barack Obama Presidency?
  • The Exponential Growth of ISIS And Related Terrorist Organizations, 
  • The Iran Nuclear Deal,
  • The Middle East In Shambles, 
  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis,
  • Resumption Of The Cold War With Russia,
  • The Intentional Collapsing Of Iraq,
  • The Breakdown In Relations With Our Friends While Fostering New Relationships With Our Enemies,
  • An Open US/Mexico Border Through Which The Real Potential Exists That Terrorists Have Already Entered The Country,
  • The Gutting Of The US Military, 
  • The Minimization Or Complete Ignoring Of ISIS Atrocities, 
  • Splintering Of The United States Along Racial Lines And The Fostering Of A Hatred And Distrust Of Cops Culminating in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, 
  • Expansion Of US Debt To The Point Of Choking The Global Economy While Said Debt Has Done Little To Greatly Improve The US economy, 
  • The Complete Degradation Of Our System Of Government and so on and so on!
So why do I say that Barack Obama could be the imperfect Manchurian President?

Because no American leader, no matter how disinterested or callous, would ever allow the photos like the ones above to be taken unless the level of said disinterest, callousness, incompetence or something else is at such a high level that it can't be comprehended by people like me!

To the mainstream media, however, it's nothing more than just bad optics!

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