Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Doomsday Clock Holds Steady! Why?

I wrote the following letter to the PhD's on the Doomsday Clock committee who determined that the Doomsday Clock should remain at 3-minutes to midnight!

One of the positives that they cite in the decision to hold the hands on the clock steady is the nuclear deal that six countries 'negotiated' with the rogue nation Iran.

Unfortunately, in my estimation, this deal actually raises the potential of a nuclear detonation that will kill tens of thousands if not millions of innocent citizens.

I wanted to find out how they came to their decision and, if and when I receive a response, I will share it here...

Good evening Dr.'s:

As part of your rationale for the Doomsday Clock remaining at 3-minutes to midnight you cite the fact that 'six world powers and Iran have reached an historic agreement that limits the Iranian nuclear program and aims to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weaponry’.

As a mere observer of Iran's history of adhering to sanctions and agreements (or in reality not adhering) and keen listener to the statements that emanate from the leaders of that country, my question is whether you truly believe that this rogue nation actually has any intention of ending their attempt to develop a nuclear weapon along with the means to deliver it?

And now that Iran will have about $1.5 billion that's being released to them as a result of 'the deal', what assurances are there that they won’t simply buy nuclear weapons on the black market to use themselves or through some terrorist organization acting as their proxy?

In the article you cite the tensions between Russia and the U.S. but there, as it has always been, is the promise of mutually assured destruction were one side to fire a nuclear weapon. This, in addition to the presence of the rationale minds of leaders who don’t actually want to die.

Using the suicide bombers of ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Taliban as an example of the extreme risk posed by Iran, for Islamic extremists dying as a martyr is considered a good thing.

As a concerned world citizen I am curious how the decision to leave the time unchanged was reached.

Thanks for any thoughts.



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