Monday, January 11, 2016

Dead Elephants vs. Dead Christians! (Video)

Nobody loves animals more than I do! In fact, in many ways, I like most animals more than I like most humans!

That said, in the world where we now live there seems to be a clear disconnect on the part of our politicians and media concerning the murder of humans.

Murder of Christians is being committed in the name of religion taking place at the rate of 11 deaths per hour...

Where is the outrage or, simply any recognition that it is occurring!

And therefore, because the man (woman) on the street is not being told what to think regarding this issue, they don't!

Further these murders are not typically done in a painless way but instead to inflict as much pain as possible!

At the same time there is no shortage of outrage (as there should be) over the senseless killing of elephants.

What brought me to write this article? The WWF commercial below I saw this morning. Sad? Of course!

But, when you put the two issues side by side (murder of Christians vs murder of elephants), wouldn't it seem that from a humanity and moral equivalency standpoint the killing of innocent men, women and children based solely on their religious beliefs should garner at least as much outrage?

I say that last paragraph tongue-in-cheek because of course the lives of humans should count for so much more.

But, in the topsy-turvy world we now live in, they don't seem too! It sadly harkens me back to another dark period in human history when the lives of another people being slaughtered due to their religious beliefs took place under the worlds nose, similarly with little outrage until it was too late.

'According to Bishop John McAreavey, the Chair of the Council for Justice & Peace of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, statistics show that the situation of Christian persecution in the world is far more dire than most people understand.

The bishop called the breadth and scale of the suffering of Christians “unprecedented.”

At least 100,000 Christians are killed every year because of their faith, which amounts to 273 per day, or eleven every hour, McAreavey said, without mentioning those who are “being tortured, imprisoned, exiled, threatened, excluded, attacked and discriminated against on a widespread scale.” (Source)


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