Sunday, December 6, 2015

What if Pearl Harbor was attacked today! (Video)

SummaryThink for a second what would have happened if instead of Franklin Roosevelt in the White House when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, we had Barack Obama or some reasonable facsimile of the President. 

Jews would have ceased to exist and today the national language of the United States would be German! 

This article examines what Obama might have said to the country on December 8, 1941!

Seventy four years ago tomorrow on December 7, 1941, the Japanese perpetrated a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor and brought the United States into World War II!

In 1941 after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the America people and its leaders were left with no choice but to enter World War II, fully understanding that they were in a fight for the survival of civilization as they knew it.

The enemy in Germany was led by Hitler, a maniacal fascist sworn to the annihilation of Jews and others that did not fit his vision of an Aryan master race.

His ultimate goal was world domination and he would undertake the task attempting to destroy all who stood in his way.

The mission of Imperial Japan, our enemy in the Pacific, was 'to be supreme in Asia, the South Seas and eventually the four corners of the world' (General Sadao Araki).

Each of these antagonists was committed and willing to do anything to achieve their goal.

The Greatest Generation and the LEADERS who led them!

On December 8 Franklin Roosevelt stood in front of Congress telling the politicians and the American people the following...

In a strong and confident speech Roosevelt assured victory over the enemy, invoking God to emphasize his point!

After he provided our military with the tools, means and rules of engagement necessary to win, fully understanding that while American lives would be lost, the alternative to winning would be too devastating to even imagine.

What would Obama have done and said?

Watching Obama hem and haw through every non-teleprompter assisted speech and having observed his approach to our deadly enemy, in 2015 we unfortunately don't have to wonder what our Commander-in-Chief would have likely done had he been in charge on that fateful day 74 years ago.!

Undoubtedly he would have gone on that era's equivalent of the Letterman Show or Daily Show to address the nation about the attack and the serious task that we faced as a nation. You will notice that I begin each statement with ummm because that is the way that our President typically starts every new thought ...

Ummm, yesterday there was an action undertaken against the U.S. in Pearl Harbor and Americans were killed, but we are not yet 100% clear as to who the perpetrator was.

Ummm, we are doing everything in our power to find out who committed this heinous act and I promise that whoever it is will be brought to justice.

Ummm, until all of the facts are known we do not want to jump to any conclusions about who it is that has destroyed much of our fleet and killed over 2,000 US soldiers.

Ummm, if in fact this turns out to be an attack on the United States by Japan, we will attempt to first achieve a mutually acceptable solution through direct diplomatic discussions because that would be the most productive and effective solution for all parties.

Ummm, were those discussions to prove unsuccessful we would then impose strict and crippling economic sanctions against Japan until such time as they came back to the negotiating table with a sincere desire to resolve our issues.

Ummm, only as a last resort would we use military force but let me assure the nation that no US ground troops will be committed to the fight. We will use air power and assist the allied nations in any other way that we can.

Well today, 74 years later, the U.S. is once again involved in a fight against an enemy that wants to destroy everyone across the globe who does not fit into its distorted vision of what and how life should be lived.

For Barack Obama, in order to clear-up any of the grey areas, I will say the name as he seems either unwilling or incapable of doing so: Radical Islamic Extremists!

Unlike the leaders of a bygone era, however, the United States is saddled with an empty suit in the White House who is incapable for reasons only he knows of prosecuting any fight!

Barack Obama has put the United States, and by extension the entire world, in a precarious and dangerous position.

And unfortunately, as the saying goes, I am not sure that Barack Obama and his civilian advisors such as John 'Iran Nuclear Deal' Kerry, Ash Carter and Jeh Johnson could fight their way out of a paper bag!

The speech he is is giving tonight should just be more of the same crap and empty rhetoric!

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