Friday, December 25, 2015

Is ISIS Planning A July 4th BBQ?

43 propane tanks stolen in Philadelphia!

Is ISIS planning a huge July 4, 2016 BBQ to celebrate the groups infiltrating the United States through Obama's plan to bring over Syrian refugees?

After all you can never plan too soon and maybe, just maybe, the group comes in peace, wants to be friends and plans on throwing a party on our Independence Day as part of an attempt to assimilate into our culture and society.

Or was the crime in Philidelphia unrelated to ISIS and terrorism and actually has to do with something else?

News Flash out of Philadelphia...

'Police are trying to find two men who they say stole 43 propane tanks from two industrial sites in the last week, and have alerted their Homeland Security division as a safety measure.

Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum says the division has been alerted because of the number and size of some of the tanks taken "out of an abundance of caution...' (Source)

Of course the theft must be for something other than terrorism!

After all, both Jeh Johnson and Barack Obama will tell you that ISIS (their ISIL) has been contained in the Middle East and we have nothing to worry about here at home!

And they never lie!


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