Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Too Little Too Late: A Democrat Taking A Stand Against Obama's ISIS 'Strategy' (Video)

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein has found her voice concerning Obama's ISIS failure!

Unfortunately she has allowed this President to carry-on without any opposition from her Democrat partners in crime so that her rhetoric concerning the spread of ISIS and Islamic extremism comes, as always, way too little and way too late!

Once again the Democrats in Congress have put ideology, party and power before national security and nation!

And now that she has come out with the 'powerful' statement in this video, what exactly is Ms. Feinstein prepared to do to stop this President's agenda that apparently is to allow ISIS to spread and to bring refugees onto our shores we can basically not vet?

A perfect example will be over how hard she presses California Governor 'Moonbeam' Brown to come out against taking any more refugees until they can be properly VETTED.

If we use history as our guide the answer is that now that she has now gone on the record, that is as far as it will go!

I refer you back to Senator Schumer and the Iran deal where he went on the record against it after it was already to late to stop it. Why? Votes of course!

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