Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Syrian Refugees: Put them next door to liberal elites and see what happens!

Marching to a liberal politicians town near you?
This Should Be The Litmus Test For Accepting Refugees in America!

And if our liberal 'leaders' will do this, then maybe we will too!

NIMBY: Not in my back yard
NIPBY: Not in a politicians back yard

Barack Obama, John Kerry, the Obama administration and the majority of Democrats seem to feel that bringing Syrian refugees into the United States with no foolproof way to separate out potential ISIS fighters is a good idea.

It’s the American way they say. They also say that the same kindness was proffered to many of our relatives years ago including mine.

The difference of course is that most of our relatives who made their way through Ellis Island wanted to assimilate to the American culture, learn the language and hopefully provide their children with a better life than they had.

That said, for arguments sake let's assume that the majority of refugees want that exact same thing.

The question then is at what percentage rate or ratio should Americans be willing to tolerate having potential ISIS fighters interspersed among the ‘good’ refugees when they come to our shores?

Is it 1 in 10 or 1,000 ISIS fighters for every 10,000 refugees? Maybe it's 1 in 20 or 500 ISIS fighters for every 10,000 refugees?

How about 1 out of 1,000 or 10 potential ISIS fighters per 10,000 refugees?

My thinking is that an acceptable number of potential ISIS fighters per 10,000 refugees is ZERO, but there is no way to insure that ZERO will actually be the number.

The Democrats, led by Barack Obama, are for the most part all-in on America taking in un-vetted refugees.

The reason why they are so comfortable with the premise is because these so-called leaders are not going to have any refugees and potential ISIS fighters coming to live in their towns, attend their schools and certainly not be living in the house next door.

So my thinking is this... Before these high, mighty and predictably hypocritical politicians sacrifice the sovereignty and security of OUR nation with absolutely no skin in the game, let’s change some of the rules.

Let’s have the refugees living in the politicians towns, going to their kids schools and burdening their already over-taxed tax base, and then see how ready and willing that they will be to have it happen!

My guess...Not very!


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