Saturday, November 14, 2015

South Park Skewers 'Safe Spaces'! (Video)

In today's PC society where mean words and unfriendly glances make some young people on college campuses uncomfortable, demands for 'safe spaces' are running rampant!

Imagine what will happen when they get their first job and a manager or co-worker looks at them the wrong way, criticizes their work or maybe even goes so far as to walk by them without saying good morning.

Or a co-worker that they are doing a project with tells them that their work sucks.

Will they demand that Goldman Sachs, a widget manufacturer or the corner deli provide them with a 'safe space'?

Maybe these children should grow a pair and learn how the world works when mommy, daddy or a school administrator is not around to coddle them and tell them that they are the best at everything they do.

South Park On 'Safe Spaces'


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