Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hillary 2016: Are Americans Actually This Stupid? (Video)

Are American's dumb enough and sufficiently low in political IQ and patriotism to elect the woman, Hillary Clinton, that's described in this video?

The answer I fear is a resounding YES as she continues to lead in the polls for the Democratic nomination and as the Republican Party continues to do what it is far too good at doing...

Squandering an opportunity for victory by pulling out defeat through this reality show of a primary process that we are being subjected to!

So would the American sheeple overlook the documented untruths told by Hillary Clinton that are presented in this video along with her potential lawbreaking evidenced by the continued FBI investigation, to nominate and potentially elect her POTUS because she is,
  1. A woman and she seems to think that she deserves to be president based solely on that fact (and there are many in the electorate who seem to agree),
  2. Campaigning on giving away free stuff by out Bernie Sandering Bernie Sanders,
  3. A Democrat and Democrats will vote for the Democrat no matter what that candidate has done,
  4. A Clinton and many Americans seem to want the legacy of her impeached husband continued.

We shall see but hope that Americans will realize that elections have consequences springs eternal!


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