Saturday, September 19, 2015

Obama's impotence emboldens Russia in Syria!

People and countries learn by observing leaders, not by listening to them!

Following his empty rhetoric concerning the Syria redline, his impotence in dealing with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and complete capitulation to Iran, this is a lesson that Barack Obama has either failed to learn or has no interest in learning.

And certainly this has not gone unnoticed by Vladimir Putin who recognizes weakness when he sees it in an American president!

Empty Rhetoric = Foreign Policy Failure

From the left-leaning New York Times, this is its analysis of the Obama administrations flipflop over Russia's recent foray into Syria that even this media cheerleader for Obama can't sugarcoat!

'...the Obama administration reached out to Moscow on Friday to try to coordinate actions in the war zone and avoid an accidental escalation of one of the world’s most volatile conflicts.

The diplomatic initiative amounted to a pivot for the Obama administration, which just two weeks ago delivered a stern warning to the Kremlin that its military buildup in Syria risked an escalation of the civil war there or even an inadvertent confrontation with the United States. Last week, President Obama condemned Russia’s move as a “strategy that’s doomed to failure.”

But the White House seemed to acknowledge that the Kremlin had effectively changed the calculus in Syria in a way that would not be soon reversed despite vigorous American objections...'



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