Thursday, September 17, 2015

CNN sets the trap, GOP debaters fall in!

CNN, one of the many mainstream media bastions of liberalism, held a debate last night that seemed to do more harm than good for the GOP brand!

For all intents and purposes the viewers who tuned in last night to the CNN Republican Party Presidential Debate likely fell into four distinct categories.
  1. GOP voters, sure about their candidate of choice, who wanted to see how Donald Trump was going to behave and the way in which his opponents would react,
  2. GOP voters still unsure of who they will back, that wanted to try and find some clarity through substantive questions from the moderators and the answers from the candidates,
  3. Independent voters that could go either Democrat or Republican and who needed a debate to see and hear the potential candidates thoughts and ideas and to observe their demeanor,
  4. Democrats that will vote Democrat and who tuned in for the Donald Trump Show, hoping that fireworks would ensue and the GOP would be embarrassed.
And for the record, as a GOP voter, I was embarrassed (although to be fair there absolutely were some positive exchanges mostly initiated by Carly Fiorina)!

First, as I tweeted only minutes into the debate, I was embarrassed that CNN would set a trap for the GOP by establishing the type of Q&A and split-screen format that to my mind was designed for only one make the candidates look like childish fools.

And secondly I was embarrassed that with Trump on the stage leading the way, the GOP bought-in and for the most part didn't disappoint.
For those who may have missed the show you had...
  •  A 'substantive' question about Trump comments concerning Carly Fiorina's appearance, 
  • Trump immediately questioning (unsolicited) why Rand Paul was included in the debate along with comments about Paul's appearance, 
  • Bush and Trump bickering over comments one made about the others wife,
  •  Jake Tapper asking the candidates to describe themselves with a word or a phrase and so on. 
In other words it seemed as if the format was in no way designed to let the American public know who these candidates were and what they thought about critical issues, but rather for theater!

Or maybe, just maybe, the format was also specifically designed to do what the mainstream media often does.

Act as an unofficial subsidiary of the Democrat Party, deliberately establishing a format they knew would create a circus-like atmosphere that would make presidential candidates look non-presidential!

In summary, concerning the critical #3 voters mentioned above, this debate very likely could have had the effect of pushing them away.

The only saving grace is that the choices on the Democrat side are between a self-avowed socialist and a woman who could likely be indicted before she even receives the nomination!


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