Monday, August 31, 2015

US Politics: Officially a laughingstock! (Video)

With the announcement by Kanye West at last nights MTV Music Awards of his intention to run for president in 2020, US politics have officially sunk about as low as you can go (I hope)!

Forget about the fact that the United States is taking the lead, with other supposedly rational countries around the world tagging along for purely economic reasons, on a nuclear agreement with rogue nation Iran that's pretty much guaranteed to use its newly found wealth to fund terrorist groups and regimes around the world.

That plus continuing forward on its mission to build or acquire nuclear weapons and a capability to deliver them.

And the majority of Democrats in Congress? For retention of power and position within their party they are willing to throw rationale thought and patriotism under the bus and will vote the way that their great leader wants them to!

That deal along with all of the other missteps and miscues of Barack Obama's since taking office, has made the United States, if not a laughingstock on the global scene, certainly far less respected and feared than we have ever been!

Looking at the 2016 presidential race I will give you that Donald Trump has done little to allow a serious discussion of the issues.

But on the Democrat side you have an avowed socialist running a close second to a woman, Hillary Clinton, who were it you or I that had done what she has done would most likely have been led away in handcuffs.

But Hillary, for whom the emails are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of her scandals and incompetence, is currently skating with a shrinking first place lead in the polls.

Given this sorry crop of candidates running for the Democrat nomination now, looking forward to 2020, who will be running for the Democrats then?

Another socialist? Perhaps a communist and an illegal? Maybe they will draft a former member of al-Qaeda who has pledged undying allegiance to the United States.

Well one thing we do know for sure. Kanye West will be running in 2020!

Why? Given the low voter IQ that's currently more the rule than the exception in America, the fact that there are plenty of morons out there who would support Kanye just for shits and giggles and the fact that it's more than likely given his ego he actually thinks he has a shot to win, I will take him at his word.

Not to mention, in another indicator of the sad shape that American society is currently in, Kim Kardashian will be out there campaigning hard and will certainly bring in the youth vote along with the vote of those who get their news from MTV.

Such is the state of politics (and society) in the United States today.

Kanye announcing his plans for 2020!



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