Monday, August 3, 2015

Hillary will NOT be the Democrat nominee!

TPC Prediction: Hillary Clinton, no favorite of Barack Obama, will be allowed to run until the President decides to pull the plug on her campaign!

Isn't it curious that recently inspectors general for both the State Department and the intelligence community have questioned whether classified information was contained in Hillary Clinton's emails?

That doesn't happen in a vacuum, not in this administration.

It happens because Barack Obama wants it to happen because, if he didn't, any indiscretions or potential criminal acts would be swept under the rug.

Now rumor has it that the Justice Department may launch its own investigation into Hillary actions that would likely put you or I in jail!

So the prediction: Based on what I believe to be an intense dislike of the Clinton's by the Obama's, the President will bide his time until he can inflict the greatest amount of disgrace and humiliation on the former First Lady.

The information the White House will leak and the investigations it will have started ultimately will force Hillary Clinton to skulk away from the presidential campaign with her head between her legs!


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