Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hear that? It's the sound of the Hillary 2016 plug being pulled (by Obama)!

Hillary will not be the Democrat Party nominee!

I made that prediction on August 3rd (Hillary will NOT be the Democrat nominee!) based on two facts.

The first is Barack Obama's longstanding dislike of the Clinton's which in a presidential election is a large net negative.

This is particularly true based on the technology infrastructure Obama possesses and has not yet offered to Hillary and the fact that they are not balking at a Biden entry into the race.

Secondarily my thinking is based on the fact that NOTHING happens across this administration without the tacit approval of the White House.

'Isn't it curious that recently inspectors general for both the State Department and the intelligence community have questioned whether classified information was contained in Hillary Clinton's emails?'

My bet is that they don't do that on their own but rather with instructions from the Obama administration.

Now, the FBI has entered the fray starting its own investigation in the Hillary email scandal!

'The FBI has begun looking into the security of Hillary Clinton's private email setup, contacting in the past week a Denver-based technology firm that helped manage the unusual system, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday, citing two government officials.'

The email snowball has started rolling downhill so quickly that even the mainstream media has been forced to report on it.

In my opinion, this can't end well for Hillary up to and ultimately including charges being filed against her.

Time will tell!


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