Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Moral Equivalence? Dead Lion vs. Dead Humans vs. Dead World!

It has finally happened! The lemmings/sheeple around the United States have found an issue to be passionate about and it's not any of the ones that you might think!

The story that has captured the imagination and ire of so many is the shooting death of Cecil the lion by an American dentist hunting in Zimbabwe.

Cecil, apparently beloved by many, was allegedly lured out of the preserve where he was protected, shot with a bow and arrow and then stalked for 40 or so hours until he was finally killed.

It is, no doubt, a horribly sad story!

But given that, what are some of the stories about dead humans that seem to gain no traction among the masses, up to and including the President of the United States?

How about the young girl, Kathryn Steinle, shot by an illegal immigrant and who died in her fathers arms? Not much outrage expressed about that killing with absolutely no mention of it made by Obama or his administration!

And while the outrage over the beheading of Cecil the lion is palpable, any outrage over the beheadings being perpetrated by ISIS, the terror attacks that are occurring on our shores and the persecution of Christians in Muslim dominated countries is, shall we say, muted.

Why is that? I have absolutely no idea!

And finally, while the outraged public has shut down the killer of Cecil the lions business, the outcry over the ridiculous and preposterous deal that President Obama has made with Iran is non-existent!

That includes the silence of Senator Schumer who proclaims himself a friend of Israel and friend of the Jews and who still cannot decide whether or not to vote for this crappy deal!

A deal that has regional and global implications beyond belief and yet no one seems to care!

Moral Equivalence? I don't think so!


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