Monday, June 8, 2015

South China Sea: Will Obama screw this crisis up too?

ISIS is spreading and Barack Obama has yet to formulate a plan to stop them, Russia is doing whatever it wants as evidenced by its takeover of Ukraine and now, China is aggressively expanding in the disputed waters of the South China Sea!

And while many Americans are completely unaware that widespread territorial disputes or a growing crisis are even occurring in the South China Sea, it is real and has the potential to be spectacularly bad!

Bad even by the standard and low bar for failure and futility that Obama has set and seems to continually surpass!

Unfortunately for the United States and the rest of the world, this is what happens when the leader of the free world has zero credibility!

'In an effort to stoke nationalism and distract its people from a slowing economy, the Chinese government has been acting particularly aggressively in the South China Sea, engaging in territorial disputes with neighbors including Japan.

This is one of the most dangerous games in the world.

For over a year China has been diligently building islands on top of reefs in the South China Sea, reclaiming 2,000 acres of land. In April, satellite imagery showed that the Chinese military had built an airstrip big enough for military aircraft.

The government has been loud about it, too, declaring its right to reclaim the Spratly Islands, the land around the reefs, on historical grounds.

The Global Post, a state tabloid owned by party publication The People's Daily, wrote that any attempt by the US to stop China from building out parts of the South China Sea would inevitably end in war.

"If the United States' bottom line is that China has to halt its activities, then a US-China war is inevitable in the South China Sea," the newspaper said. "The intensity of the conflict will be higher than what people usually think of as 'friction.'"

This nationalist stance is no doubt a response to China's slowing economy...' (Source)


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