Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Barack Obama, G-7 and ISIS: Vacuous ramblings from an empty suit!

When the Commander-in-Chief lets the world know that he has no strategy to defeat the greatest global threat since Hitler, we have a BIG problem!

Sadly of course the world has already witnessed the fact that Barack Obama has no strategy to defeat ISIS so his rambling, almost incoherent speech, comes as no great surprise to anyone!

Anyone excepting of course the coterie of eyes glazed over libs who for whatever reason still incredibly believe whatever crap Obama shovels at them.

From The Political Commentator May 28th...'What is Barack Obama's ISIS endgame?'

'Breaking News Out Of Washington, DC: 'Obama: We're definitely not 'losing' in Iraq - ISIS storming into Ramadi was just a 'setback' and it would be a mistake to send in U.S. ground troops'

Now is that the statement of a leader or ranting from a man who for some reason refuses to see the truth? 

I ask because as we (rational and thinking Americans) all know as ISIS continues to spread throughout the Middle East there is no substantive help being given by the US or even an acknowledgment from the White House that a problem actually exists... 

I now will ask the question I have asked so many times before and will continue to ask it until members of Congress and members of the media on all sides of the issue step-up and face the reality... 

What is Barack Obama's endgame when it comes to ISIS and U.S. national security? 

Is Barack Obama the Manchurian President or merely so inept, incompetent and narcissistic that he could have possibly been wrong on every single foreign policy and national security move that he has made?...'

Therefore his G-7 speech was just more of the same from the only US president who could somehow make Jimmy Carter look like General Patton!

And another example of how he should really try to get the press conference questions beforehand so he could program his answers into a teleprompter!

Nevertheless it is disconcerting to hear in such a public venue as the G-7 that Barack Obama is as clueless as we have always thought that he is when it comes to national security!

So what exactly is his endgame?

From Ricochet.com...

The Buck Stops, Uh, Somewhere

'President Obama is in Germany for the annual G-7 summit.  In a press conference yesterday, speaking about the ongoing war in Iraq against ISIS, he said, “We don't yet have a complete strategy, because it requires commitments on the part of the Iraqis ... about how recruitment takes place, how that training takes place. And so the details of that are not yet worked out.”  

Um, you know that there’s a war going on, Mr. President? You get that you’re, like, in charge of this, right?

The President tried to lay some of this at the feet of the Pentagon, which he said hasn’t given him a “finalized plan.”  But don’t worry, the Prez is on the case! They’re considering a “range of plans” to fight ISIS, an enemy he described as “nimble”, “aggressive”, “opportunistic”, and “damn sexy.” (We may have misheard that last one.)

Part of the problem that the Pentagon is having is that Iraqi government forces, as Secretary of Defense Ash Carter put it a few weeks ago, “just showed no will to fight.” President Obama said Monday, “Where we've trained Iraqi forces directly and equipped them and we have a train-and-assist posture, they operate effectively,” adding, “Where we haven't—morale, lack of equipment, etc.—may undermine the effectiveness of Iraqi security forces.”

So, they don’t wanna fight and you have no plan. Great...'



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