Thursday, May 28, 2015

What is Barack Obama's ISIS endgame?

Breaking News Out Of Washington, DC: 'Obama: We're definitely not 'losing' in Iraq - ISIS storming into Ramadi was just a 'setback' and it would be a mistake to send in U.S. ground troops'

Now is that the statement of a leader or ranting from a man who for some reason refuses to see the truth?

I ask because as we (rational and thinking Americans) all know as ISIS continues to spread throughout the Middle East there is no substantive help being given by the US or even an acknowledgment from the White House that a problem actually exists...

I now will ask the question I have asked so many times before and will continue to ask it until members of Congress and members of the media on all sides of the issue step-up and face the reality...

What is Barack Obama's endgame when it comes to ISIS and U.S. national security?

Is Barack Obama the Manchurian President or merely so inept, incompetent and narcissistic that he could have possibly been wrong on every single foreign policy and national security move that he has made?

As the leader of the free world privy to every piece of intelligence known to man with access to the greatest military minds on earth it is a hard concept for me to process that he is doing anything by accident!

Therefore I will continue to press forward hoping that at some point members of the power elite and media begin to put country over power and position and actually start to do what they were elected and are paid to do!

That is to hold Barack Obama accountable for what he is doing!

If that were to actually occur it will still be over six years too late with the damage that has been done difficult to reverse but, let's start somewhere!

And Barack Obama's malpractice concerning ISIS does not even take into account the nuclear deal with Iran that he is so intent on making, one that goes against any semblance of sanity.

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