Friday, May 29, 2015

Video: Middle Eastern men crossing into the U.S. from Mexico!

Middle Eastern men crossing into the U.S. from Mexico is quite alarming as our southern border seems to have become a turnstile allowing potential terrorists to enter America!

And yet Barack Obama seems not to care about that fact in much the same way he seems not to care about the spread of ISIS throughout the Middle East (What is Barack Obama's ISIS endgame?)!

But not to worry as there are some things that our President is extremely passionate about.

Making a nuclear deal with Iran for one to insure that the rogue nation gets a nuclear weapons capability is an extremely high priority.

But what is there, if anything, that MIGHT pique the Obama's interest in border and national security?

God forbid it will be when a terrorist attack once again hits the U.S. here.

Unfortunately for Americans, Israelis and people throughout the rest of the world, the only things that really seem to inspire this President includes or involves...
  • Golf, 
  • Pushing away U.S. allies while embracing our enemies,
  • Filling out an NCAA tournament bracket on ESPN,
  • Weakening our military,
  • Increasing dependency on government for political reasons, 
  • Race-baiting and, 
  • Fulfilling all of Saul Alinsky's '12 Rules for Radicals'.
Video: Illegal aliens, likely Middle Eastern, crossing into the U.S. from Mexico!

Tip-off that they are Middle Eastern men? A certain book that fell out of one of their pockets.


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