Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Which one of the Teletubbies is John Kerry?

Not that I am particularly prescient because to be fair in order to have anticipated the failure of Barack Obama and his 'Team' one didn't really need to be!

But in light of the deal this administration is about to agree to concerning Iranian nukes, let's just examine what everyone other than Obama, libs and the other assorted Obamabots knew a long lime ago!

From March 2013,

Meet the Telletubbies of United States national security!

If it wasn't such a sad and dangerous situation perhaps we could all have a good hearty laugh about the national security team put together by Barack Obama!

Unfortunately, these people I will call Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po for want of any better names, are actually the people who are going to be in charge of protecting the United States and the American people!

I tried to listen to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel speak about Afghanistan and had to wonder about what our enemies and friends think about the fact that this inarticulate, and from his confirmation hearing obviously unqualified, blatherer is in charge of our military.

Hearing Secretary of State John Kerry speaking the other day about Iran and North Korea actually made me yearn for the days of Hillary Clinton. Our enemies are going to walk all over this guy and have got to be smiling over the fact that he has been selected by the President to report for duty at the State Department!

John Brennan as CIA Director? A central figure in the controversy over the killing of Americans on American soil through the use of drone strikes, while at the same time the Obama administration provides Osama bin Laden's terrorist son-in-law with the full protection of the U.S. legal system and a trial mere blocks away from Ground Zero.

Susan Rice to become Obama's national security advisor? Given her performance in the Benghazi affair she is obviously unqualified for this position and will not help to make the United Sates a safer place, which I suppose is the reasoning behind why Barack Obama may place her in that position.



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