Thursday, April 9, 2015

Video profile of Barack Obama: Sex, drugs and....Hillary?

This video about Barack Obama circa 1999 is instructive as to who it is making the decisions that will chart the course of the United States for many years to come!

The video below of Larry Sinclair telling his story presents a gripping discussion concerning our Commander-in-Chief that includes allegations of clandestine drug buys, sexual encounters with men and the use of crack cocaine.

A rehash of this discussion 6 years after the video was first released is particularly telling because it offers an inside look at the character of the man during a time when bad nuclear deals are being 'negotiated' with a rogue and terror sponsoring regime in Iran and US foreign policy is collapsing all over the world!

Also interesting is that this video was viewed only 255,000 times which indicates to me the blind political ideology on the part of some voters and the complete disinterest as to who they are actually voting for to occupy the White House on the part of others!

But why bring this up now when in 2016 Obama will be finishing up his time in the White House?

The answer is simple! How would having to utter the words President Hillary Clinton make you feel? Not so good, right?

Therefore it is our job as clear thinking Americans to attempt and infuse information into the low-IQ Independent voters and liberal ideologues tired of the Obama way, but who may be enamored with the idea of Hillary Clinton and vote for her DESPITE all of the things she has done and is alleged to have done!

We must also try and hold the mainstream media's feet to the fire attempting to get them to actually do their jobs as reporters of the news rather than molders of the news.

It will be an uphill battle no doubt but we need to start now!

And now, a sordid trip down memory lane!

H/T Pat Dollard


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